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Is meat still good?

2020.09.20 08:05 lepanda579 Is meat still good?

Let’s say I buy a few packages of ground chicken Thursday. I put most of them in the freezer. I always take one out at night and put it in the fridge to defrost for the next day. That’s what I did Friday night. Unexpectedly, My boyfriend and I ended up eating pizza and phillipino food instead for the next two days. (Friday & Saturday) My bf says it’s no longer good anymore because “raw chicken is good refrigerated for only 2 days.” He also says taking meat out of the freezer and into the fridge, “exposing it to a lower temperature” does something to it. (Even though it’s still refrigerated the whole time) I say it’s still good because the expiration date says it expires next Tuesday. Is the chicken I took out of the freezer 2 days ago & into the fridge still good even though the expiration date is in 3 days? Please someone give me some guidance!!! I really appreciate it.
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2020.09.05 04:14 caniseeyoubobs I’ve (30M) trapped myself in a terrible hole of depression and self hatred.

This is going to be somewhat long because I only plan on doing this once. I don’t ask for help and I don’t especially want help but it’s either this or I end it.
So for starters, I wasn’t always messed up. It took years and years of horrible times to get me to this point and I feel like it’s almost my destiny to go through horrible shit and somehow come out on the other side, more fucked up.
When I was a kid, not knowing what it all meant, I watched as my dad had an affair with the babysitter. When I was five my parents divorced and it was ugly. Constant fighting, constant back and fourth between one house and the other, my parents constantly pulling my sister and I either direction hoping we would choose one or the other. They would say horrible things about each other and still do to this day. So once that finally settled out and it became normal going from one place to the other, my mother married a new guy named Mark. He taught me how to use a bow, he would let me drive his boat, he would take us on vacation (something my dad never did after the divorce) and he taught me what kind of a man I should look up to. He never talked about my dad, never said a word in bad taste about him and was someone I looked up to. When I was ten or eleven he got brain cancer. For two years I watched as he fell apart, day by day I watched the person I looked up to slowly die. And then one day he was gone. I still remember the funeral like it was yesterday.
Fast forward two or so years and Marks best friend takes my mom under his wing so to speak and they start dating. Mike was like Mark but even more open to talk and help me out with my problems. He taught me to use a gun, took me on my first hunt and was with me when I got my first buck. He taught me the importance of being a good man. He was everything I looked up to in Mark doubled. We would go on vacations every year and he became more of a father to me than my own dad. Even as a kid I looked at my dad as a terrible person (before the divorce I watched my dad slam my mom into a wall by the throat and that’s always stuck with me). Mike was a huge sports fan (which my dad wasn’t) and we would watch football, he got me into the sport of wrestling (not the fake kind) and eventually I would become a varsity wrestler. He would come to all of my meets unlike my bio dad and he was just all around the kind of guy you hope for in a dad. Years pass and I’m grinding through school, I make it to my freshman year of high school, beginning of the year, and my real dad is accused of molesting one of my sisters friends. The whole school knows (I live in a town of 7k) and everyone’s talking about it. My friends would tell me they didn’t believe it and I shouldn’t worry about it because everyone saw my dad as a nice guy who was always super chill if friends were over. But I knew they weren’t the only ones with an opinion and I knew things were being said and I was being looked at as the kid with a pedo dad.
Fast forward to my junior year. My step dad Mike is diagnosed with a brain tumor. My whole world is now more broken than ever. Having watched my first step dad die after two years of chemo I was horrified that I would lose the guy I looked up to more than anyone in the world. And sure enough. About two years later he died. He was able to make it to my senior prom although he couldn’t attend, he still got to see me and my date all dressed up. That was one of my last big moments with him. And now I’m tearing up because even years and years later I still miss him everyday.
After that my family wasn’t really the same. My mom became angry about everything, My sister started having bi-polar issues and I closed myself off from the world for quite awhile. Eventually we would move from the house we lived in to a new house across town because my mom couldn’t bare staying. The funeral was hard. I remember staring in disbelief over his casket and resting my hand on his cold hand and wondering why this was happening all over again. Only two of my friends came to the funeral to support me but that was okay. I didn’t expect anyone. That night I got really sick and I couldn’t sleep for a few weeks after. Keep in mind while all this is going on, my dad has gone bankrupt after being fired from his job for the arrest over the molestation charges, so he had to move out into the country. But he had no money so he ended up getting a horrible unfinished Morton building and because I didn’t yet fully believe he was the horrible person he truly is, I would stay out there quite a bit. He allowed me to smoke cigarettes and throw parties and my mom was intent on me being perfect, through everything we’d been through, and would often tell me to go live somewhere else when we would fight about jobs and school. Eventually I would move to my dads.
About a year after moving to my dads I get a call from my sister one day and she tells me that my childhood best friend Tyler was killed in a car accident. This was someone that I spent most of my summer days with. One of the funniest kids I knew and he helped me get through a lot of the shitty transitions I was going through. So this again, broke me down. I couldn’t believe he was gone. I had just seen him a week or two before hand and it’s something you’re never expecting. His family decided to bury him in another town with his grand parents and to this day I haven’t been to his grave.
Fast forward to 2010. I move to another city with a friend about two hours from my home town. This new stage of life is a breath of fresh air. I’ve got a job, I’ve got a new girl, I’ve got some close new friends and the walking dead season 1 has just aired. Life is finally looking up. By that Christmas I had lost my new job, my girl had left me for someone else and I was broke. I couldn’t afford to keep paying rent so I had to ask my mom to help me and of course she wasn’t having any of it. So once the lease was up I moved back home. Later that next year my bio dad asks me if I wanted to go to Texas with him for a few months and do some construction work. He tells me that there’s good money to be made and he’d pay me well. So I go. A year later I leave after we barely made enough to get by. Luckily a cousin of mine had joined us and so it was usually my cousin and I stuck in a hotel room for months while my dad went out looking for jobs.
A few months after I got home it was toward the end of summer. My dad had stayed in Texas for a job he found as a foreman on some construction sites. He invited my sister to come visit him for his last couple weeks in Texas and then they would drive home. Well.. they make it back and the next day my mom brings me into the living room and my sister is sitting there in tears, laughing. I’m completely confused and that’s when my mom tells me that my dad tried to molest my sister on the way home. I’m immediately boiling I’m so furious and to this day my hands shake just thinking about it. Not five or ten minutes later I get a call on my phone, it’s my dad, as we’re still sitting in the living room discussing this. I don’t answer. Cut to an hour later, no one can get ahold of my dad. At this point I don’t give a fuck anymore. But my mom and my sister are worried. Acouple hours later after still no word my aunt finds him at his house, ODd but not dead, in the bathtub. We meet them at the hospital and my dad is in tears saying he’s sorry but his words are mumbled because he’s so fucked up. Turns out he took a whole bottle of sleeping pills. He knew what he had done. After that day I felt so wrong for ignoring him I thought that I had almost killed him by not answering his call.
Fast forward to 2015. I’m now living with him. I’m going from job to job putting up with terrible bosses over and over, getting in arguments with bosses and coworkers and walking from each and every one until finally I give up. And then another one of life’s bullets hits me. One of my very best high school friends that I truly looked up to as one of the last male figures in my life dies in a car accident, killing himself and three others. I’m ripped from what calm I had found in the dark of my room and thrown back into the fire. To make matters worse, I found out by another friend calling me, screaming, Ben is dead Ben is dead. I still hear it to this day. He was more than a friend. He was like a brother.
For the last three years I’ve trapped myself in this dark room, windows covered with blankets and no real want to go on anymore. No money, no job, no friends, no family. My sister found her happiness and got married this year. She has her own home and she’s a nurse. I couldn’t be more happy that she found her peace. My mom never stopped fighting with me on needing to have a job (it seems that’s the only thing she cares about.. the only thing she’s ever cared about for me) and so she sits, in her house, working a factory job like she has for the last thirty years and comes home to an empty home, although nice, and sits alone. Which absolutely kills me to think about but I’ve tried my hardest to keep in touch and show her I care but she doesn’t want anything to do with me. If I didn’t talk to her, I’d never hear from her. And my dad, who works at a factory also, is now married to a Phillipino woman he’s met once. He runs an eBay store and sleeps in the living room. The house is filled with pointless stupid junk he’s collected over the last few years and it becoming a hoarding problem. And me, I’m still locked away in this room, chain smoking and wishing that everyday I wake up is my last. I’ve tried and tried to make things work but it feels like I’ve always been running in place. Constantly running from the things I can’t get away from. And all I want is to be dead already. But I can’t. I’m too much of a coward and I could never do that to my sister and my mother, no matter how little love she shows me. The worst thing is that I know I could of been something, I’ve got a good head on my shoulders, I’m not racist like my parents, I’ve tried to find the good side of life but I’m always dragged back down deeper and deeper. So I guess now I’m asking, what do I do? Where do I go? Why am I still here?
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2020.07.17 06:42 PajamaGuardianUrgot Women Who Require A Certain Height Are The Worst

So I’m 20, 6’4”, and 200 lbs, and very comfortable with my height and body. This was never an issue for me and I doubt it will be but I’ve noticed something since being back home from school with my old friends from high school and swim teams and such...
Women who won’t date shorter than a certain height are actually horrible people. If you think about it, men get so much shit for hating on big girls or skinny girls, which is still messed up don’t get me wrong, but you can change your weight with dedication, no matter what your metabolism or condition. That’s something you can change if it truly is affecting your love life in a negative way.
My friend group consists of a 5’7” Japanese dude, a 5’5” Vietnamese dude, a 5’9” Puerto Rican dude, and a 6’0” Phillipino dude. All of them, even the 6’0” guy, get rejected because of there height (I’m also guessing them being Asian isn’t helping women with biases), but I feel bad for them because constantly they get shit for being their girlfriends height or shorter, or get rejected because they aren’t 6’0”+.
Long story short; Women and men who won’t date men or women because of their height or horrible people, and the fact that people are ridiculed for not wanting to date someone for something they can control (weight, hair color, tattoos, piercings, etc.) vs something they can NEVER CHANGE (height, age, race) is ridiculous and if you’re someone who can’t date someone else because of height or whatever despite them having the best personality, you need to rethink yourself IN MY OPINION
EDIT: PEOPLE WHO THINK I’M ANTI-PREFERENCES THAT IS NOT WHAT I AM SAYING! I’m fine with preferences it’s the unwillingness to get over yourself for a good person is what pisses me off
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2020.06.12 16:23 AnonArtDork FMIL has added "Expects me to be a live-in maid" to an extensive laundry list of utter bs (TWs will be listed at begining of post)

TW: Racism, Ablism, Emotional,Financial, Physical +Mental Abuse, Alcoholism, Negligence, Police Officers, Guns
Okay, so I hope those cover everything, if not let me know and I'll fix it. Sadly, it also serves as a kinda synopsis and hint as to why I'm livid.
So my SO and I have been together for three years, and my perception of my FMIL has gone from pity and understanding to near complete loathing throughout the entire time. She's honestly worse than my own mother, which is saying a lot considering my mother was abusive for at least a decade of my life, but that's a different post for another time.
So, leading into and over the course of the past three years, in as chronological an order as my broken mind can manage, FMIL has:
·Gaslights her family so frequently that she has told them to take an audio recording of her saying or promising something because "You know how I'll just forget" and denies she said something or had knowledge of something even if shown the text she sent saying it or responding to thw information she's claiming to have never heard before
·Done nothing to prevent FFIL from beating SO and his brothers and would get into screaming matches with him or them for no real reason.
·"Oh honey, you should have known I was joking, I was drunk! You don't think I'd seriously (allow x personal freedom or right)."
·After about half a year of knowing me and at her mothers big 50th birthday party, asked me if I was hispanic or phillipino (saying it interchangeably as if those aren't two entirely different things) because my hair was a little curlier that day. I actually am both on my biological father's side, but I don't actually look like it. I said a very hesitant yes and she just kinda said"Oooookaaayyyy..." with a weird, slightly judgmental look and slinked away. After that, I had everyone at that party, most of whom were strangers to me at that point and had barely said two words to me, come up to me for at least an hour asking me the same question.
·Tried to convince my SO that I was cheating on him or would in the future.
·Regularly gets drunk and has made my SO be "her Uber" and take her to and shuttle her around to whatever bar she wants since he was 15. Every time he would suggest using an actual Uber she "reminds him" that she "pays for gas/insurance/school/clothes" and throws a bitch fit
·"Remember how I birthed you/spent x amount of hours in laboyou love me?"
·Regularly and obviously favors FBIL, the GC (who's an entitled brat) over my SO, who is the family SG, and has allowed FBIL to literally lie, steal and destroy whatever he wants and gives him everything he wants (ie. a $2,000 gaming pc, a desk, numerous laptops, gaming headsets every other month, a gaming chair, a new iPhone, etc) while making SO use a folding table, folding chair, a 7 yo laptop and headset, FFIL's old and broken hand-me-down phones
·Borrowed my SO's car because hers got towed when she left it at a bar and completely wore out the brand new brake pads in THREE DAYS to the point that the car was unsafe to drive and needed them replaced immediately after she got her car back (she disnt pay to replace them)
·Chain smokes around her children pretty much their entire lives and told them, when they were as young as 10 in the case of my FBIL, to "grow up and get over it. She has said the same to me (who has a bad lung condition) while she chain smoked in her caher house and blew smoke into my face.
·Chain smokes in whatever car she's in, regardless of who it belongs to or if they allow her to. Her definition of rolling down the window to allow smoke to leave is a quarter if an inch.
·Consistently called me lazy, irresponsible and complained about my employment/lack thereof to my SO behind my back
·Insinuated at least once that I would become an alcolohic
·Has, on numerous occasions, "warned" my SO, sometimes while I was literally standing next to him, that I was going to not take birth control and not tell him about it and get pregnant and force him to support not only me but the baby/ies with no help from me, just like she did with FFIL (Yes, she did include that last bit of info too, every time saying it with pride)
·Consistently complains that it costs money to feed, clothe, and get madical treatment for the children she tricked her husband into having
·For years leading up to and into my relationship with my SO would regularly completely dissapear for days a a time only for us to find out ahe was out drinking/partying or had been in a different state completely and to get a bitch for from her when we asked if she would be home for dinner.
·Would regularly cheat on FFIL during these random benders/through the years. She's had at least six boyfriends, one time had three at the same time (not a polycule, she's monogamous and just doesn't care). She introduces these partners as friends to her mother and not at all to us and genuinely belives no one knows.
·Has occasionally forced her sons and mother to go on trips with her to try and cover up the fact that they were clearly inter-state booty calls. On these trips she refused to allow her family to do anything other than what she or FBIL/GC wanted. On at least one trip she started drinking, at the airport, at 5am. FGIL was obviously disgusted and FMIL got pissed at her mother about it.
·Blames SO for not being able to be a police officer when he was younger because she "had to give up so many dreams to raise you and your brother" and gives that as to a reason she's back on the force now. This bitch fit was thrown in response to him asking where she had been and asking just to know if she was safe while she was out.
·Told me to my face and completely out of the blue that "Just because weed is legal in your state now, doesn't mean you're allowed to use it." as if she got any say in the matter. She did not say this to SO.
·Regularly made plans for trips and "included" me by paying for eveyone else (including one time a friend of SO and mine who she didn't even know) except me during times where I either didn't have the money to, couldn't go due to my own toxic family, or my job didn't allow it because she only gave 3 day's notice. I would be sent loads of photos and videos, most with a "wish you were here" kind of message as they did something I explicitly said I would want to do if I could go. These plans were not made without her knowing my circumstances and what would keep me from going.
·Would pay for something that I used once or twice or at least as frequently as her own family and, after I had offered to pay for a part of it and she telling me not to worry about it and refusing my money, would complain to my SO that I "didn't contribute".
·Along with FFIL, keeps SO's personal info (like tax information, birth certificate, SSN etc.) from him and refuses to allow him to have access to it even to apply for jobs.
·Tried to hide her racism at the begining of our relationship, but is now blatantly racist. She not only uses the n word (she's very white), but is just a general white supremacist and assumes every awful racist stereotype is accurate ("Muslim men beat and oppress their wives", "illegal immigrants are just taking jobs to be rich in Mexico and sneak their families in", "all Asians are communist." Bullshit like that)
·Has tried numerous times to get me to go barhopping with her.
·After hearing me complain to SO about my sister's toxic relationship and how she neds to get out, figured out that her BF is black amd told me to tell her to dump him. When I asked if it was because she agreed that their behavior in the relationship was toxic she said, while causially smoking in the pool "Oh, well, I guess that too, but, no, I meant because he's black and she's white. They shouldn't be together and your sister obviously has something wrong with her." She didn't understand why I got upset abd left and said that I was being oversensitive.
·Forced me and SO to go to a "police appreciation event" a state away purely for the shooting range and on the way there saw a random woman throw garbage out her car window, reversed in traffic to get our car level with hers, verbally berated her for it, then called her the n slur as she drove away. I couldn't hide my obvious disgust and discomfort and she saw it in the rearview mirror and told me to get over it because "it's juat a word. It doesnt mean anything." I said thata not true and then kept my mouth shut for mt own safety while my SO tried to keep it from getting worse. FMIL's cop boyfriend, who was riding shotgun, laughed and agreed with her. I was also not allowed to leave without shooting a gun.
·Gotten completely wasted and completely ruined her oldest son's wedding and now they don't talk.
·Told SO that if Trump loses the 2020 electon bt one vote ahe was going to disown him.
·Has begun saying that FGIL is going senile and is losing her wits/ability to remeber things or think straight. She's not. She's very aware that her daughter is a pos. She's adamant that she doesn't understand how that happened.
·Compared me to the Nazis because I was following the stay home order and didn't continue to visit my SO because I was concerned for not only my own health, but my grandparents, who I live with. SO obviously stood up for me and told her off.
·Said the virus was "just a cold" and insisted that the media was making it up when he expressed concern over her plan to take her family (her remaining children, her mother and me) and her bf to a pub when our original St. Pats plans were cancelled due to the pandemic. She made us go anyway and made SO "uber" for her and her bf and tried to convince us to go into the nearest city and go bar hopping. She didn't understand why I wasn't interested.
·Got mad at people for not following the atay home order less than a week later because she got thrown up on by someone with the virus while arresting them for a dui because they went to a house party to celebrate "finally feeling better". Did not realize the irony.
·If she's worked an officer shift, comes back happier if she was involved in arresting a poc on a drug charge or minor misdemeanor, regularly mocking the people, and, recently, comes home extremely happy after a shift at a protest that looters took advantage of.
·Was so concerned that a protest was going to go down the busy side street of her suburban neighborhood that she called her bf over for a day of drinking three cases of Carona Premium between the two of them and had at least five guns and lots of extra ammo sitting on the dinning room table for at least 8 hours "just in case"... (Obviously I don't feel safe joining said protests because I know sge would not hesitate to shoot me). The protest she was so worried about constituted less than 50 people in front of the local police station half a mile away. They not only stayed peaceful, but never neared the house.
There's a few others but I haven't gotten to what the title mentions yet.
So, after both houses isolating as best as possible, I decided to move in with my SO and his family for quarantine. The stress about his health was eating me alive and it was just better for everyone. FFIL and FMIL's only request was that I "do more around the house than FBIL", which is easy given all he does all day every day is sleep and play on his computer. He doesnt even shower regularly or properly. And his only chore is taking care of the dogs.
For the first month or so, everything is as fine as possible. It's actually a bit nicer since FFIL moved out at the start of all this and FMIL has been picling up double shifts to compensate for losing clients at her law firm due to the virus, so there's actually not nearly as much arguing and verbal abuse. FMIL never explicitly told me what she wanted done around the house or when, so I just clean and take care of the dogs and food as I can. And to my knowledge that was good enough.
Except apparently it wasn't. One day FMIL comes home from work and is pissed. Apparently we weren't cleaning enough. She called her two sons and me into the living room to berate us for the state of the house (which was in no way bad). It was then SO and I learned that she was actually paying FBIL to take care of everything concerning the dogs. Up until that point we had been taking care of them for him when he didn't, which was more often than not. And FMIL berated SO for not telling me what to do and enforcing it. He was confused becayse she had nevwe expressed this before. Her exact words were. "You're my son, you should know what I want done around the house. You ahould think, 'Oh, mom's worked hard today, letsmake sure the house is perfect for her when she gets home.'!" When we pointed out that we nevwr know when she'll come home, she scoffed and saud that she always comes home at 5:30 (she doesn't) and started aggressively cleaning the kitchen.
At that point I reverted to that kind of state you get into when you're just doing everything to please whoever's upset with you to minimize backlash and manage their emotions (I think its called the fawn response) that I learned from my parents and told her and everyone else that I was taking responisbility for the kitchen from then on and started cleaning so FMIL would leave and go to her room. SO told FBIL that we weren't going to do his job for him anymore and that he needs to be more responsible (because he does).
I, having no desire to see a rerun of the ten years of my life with my parents, started cleaning more and even spent 6 hours one day scrubbing the kitchen floor for the firat time since the house was built 6 years ago. I would occasionally clean not only the kitchen, but do other things like the floors of their like 5 bedroom home or scrub down the stove. So thats how things went for a couple of weeks (or maybe it was shorter, I don't know) until one night I didn't completely clean up after FBIL's shenanigans in the kitchen because I had assumed he would finish the last 20% of cleaning that I didn't do. He didn't. And FMIL got pissed and ranted at my SO that ///I/// don't do jack shit and all I do I sleep and nothing else. It was the first time the kitchen had been dirty enough that she felt the need to clean it in weeks. My SO told her that I was cleaning all the time and thia one the one time I didn't clean up after her GC. She said bull and said that "her mopping the floors once doesn't cut it". This of course pissed. Me. Off.
So I started taking a video recordings of every chore I did with the date and time edited into the video. I saved these to my phone as well as sending them to my SO to double ensure that they existed. I didn't send these to her directly, because I was unsure about if it would jeopardise my safety, but I wanted to have them just in case.
That in and of itself is upsetting, but, of course, it gets worse.
Earlier this week there was a tornado in our town. I happened to have been driving to Steak N Shake with FBIL for food when it suddenly hit. By the time we made it to thw restaurant, FMIL had called FBIL and was in histerics. She insisted he hand me the phone, while I was driving, to talk to me. I refused and told him to just put her on speaker. She refused and made me park and had me take her off speaker, which I did as the rain picked up and the sirens started blaring. I'm not sure why she demanded to be taken off speaker, as all she said in her panicked state was to get into the restaurant because of the tornado. I told her that they might not let us in because of the virus and she said she didnt carr and reiterated that there was a tornado. I said fine and started pulling into the lot after handing the phone back.
Not even 10 seconds later she changed her mind and was yelling for us to just drive home and for FBIL to hand me the phone. He kept trying to hand me his phone as I tried to leave the lot and as I was looking to the right to male aure it was clear and telling him I wasn't going to take the phone, I was so freaked out because I waa in the middle of a storm with my FMIL losing her mind that I accidentally pressed the gas and not the brake and hit a car that was trying to turn in to the lot that was comimg from the left.
Of course this doesn't stop her freakout and ahe keeps telling me to go into the building (that I know isn't open because of the aigns posted on the front, which I read as I drove around) and that "I'm a lawyer in this exact field. You're not leaving the scene to take shelter." I sent FBIL ahead to ask if they would open up for us given the circumstance, turned off the cae and got out to male sure the woman I hit was ok. She and I and FBIL were fine, airbags didn't even deploy, but she was pissed. She disnt give a flip about the storm or tornado and I told her where I would be and heavily suggested that she join us for her safety. She wouldnt hear it an FMIL tried to get me to give the phone to the woman, but of course the woman had no intrest in that and waa on the phone with the police. So I grabbed the info I'd need when they got there, reiterated where I would be, and got into the restaurant, which they did open for us.
When he got there, the officer insisted that we would be fine and refused to do anything inside any shelter and told us we had to stay outside, which I'm pretty upset about and I'm sure is a breah of some safety regulation. The entire time FMIL is insiating that it's okay and that her insurance would cover everything (it was SO's car). Even once the storm subsided and FMIL and SO finally got to us while they were towing the cars, she insited that it was fine and accidents happen and refused to let me pay for any of it. No matter how many times I asked. So I believed her.
Of course she didn't actually mean it. The very next day my SO picked her up from work and he reported back that the entire time she was complaining about the $400 she had to pay from my accident and that I wasn't paying for any of it and complained about the fact I didn't have a job (because covid and her telling me not to apply to half the places hiring because "I don't want you to get shot") and said I was lazy and disnt do anything around the house. My SO told her that I have sent him a video of every chore that I have done for the past two months and had, in fact, just sent him another one just then. It was thwn that she finally divulged the full extent of thw chores she ///expected/// me to not only do, but do ///WITHOUT PROMPTING///.
FMIL wants me to not only clean the kitchen, but take care of the four dogs that are too old and sick to not use the house as a toilet, clean and vaaccum the floors of the whole house, deep clean the bathrooms (including where he GC son regularly pisses on the floor like a dog and doesnt clean it up ever, letting it turn into a gross sticky puddle), do laundry, clean and organise the two freezers, the fridge AND their giant pantry, clean up outside, clean the pool, and eaven clean the windows of their two-story, 5iah bedrooms, two amd a half bath house with a giant living room wirh vaulted ceilings. For free. Because I've been staying there because of the pandemic.
"We have been housing her and feeding her and she doesnt do anything."
They/she regularly forgets my dietary and health restrictions, eats my food that I bought with my very limited money, insists that theres food for everyone (fozen veggies and chicken nuggets are only maybe one dinner, FMIL) and gets mad when SO and I suggest a proper grocery list and forces us to male dinner for five people regularly, usually with one or both of us having to run to the store for several key ingredients that simply don't exist in that house. Over half of my stimulus check has gone not into my saving or to pay for mt medical expenses or student loans, but to feeding her family because she's so strapped for money because one or two of her three high paying jobs have had a slight reduction in salary because she has been getting slightly fewer clients. Both me and SO have been filling the roles of parents for FBIL and keeping the house afloat as best we can wirh littlw to no help from either of his parents.
FMIL has also insisted in the past "you can stay as long as you want" and that I'm not a burden and she's happy I'm here.
It's painfully obvious that she only means that because it means free labor from me and that her SC son might just stay in her clutches and keep her house and pool running. I'm disgusted by her and just want to go back home to my grandparents, where I can exist and be treated as an equal adult. I already lived through this for 8 years with my own parents, and I am still struggling with the trauma they left me with. And with my depression getting worse as a response to not only the accident, which was the first I've ever been in, but now the sudden realization that I'm becoming entrapted in a toxic home again, I'm just reeling.
I want to stay for my SO's sake, but I think I'm going to go home once I'm sure I didn't get sick from the woman I hit. She came over before leaving to apologize, which was nice, but in the commotion I never put on my mask since I didn't drive while wearing it and it didn't cross my mind until the next day, which is dumb, and she and the officer weren't wearing masks either.
Like the little tag thing says, this is more a vent than a post asking for advice. I've been given alpt about FMIL before. SO and I just have to do our best to save and gtfo asap.
I hope today finds you well and far away from your in-laws.
I really did not expect this much support or attention! Thank you to everyone who commented and upvoted, it means a lot.
To answer a few questions and reiterate a point or two;
·I'm definitely not staying and I'm moving back home as soon as it's possible and safe. Both me and my grandparenrs are at-risk people so I'm trying to go aboht this as best I can.
·I didn't mention it initially, but my SO can't move in with me at my grandparents house. We live in a retirement community that has a restriction on the amount of non-retired people allowed to live in any given house. For my grandparents specifically, they can only have one other adult live there permanently, so my SO can't come with.
·At least half of our income goes to his family's house/feeding them as well as our own living expenses, which is why we can't move out asap.
·I have been talking to him about standing up for himself more and he does consistently stand up for me. The issue is, with how volitle and narcissistic FMIL is, more often than not its better tonlet her rage and ignore her than to try and correct her. I'd rather have her get red in the face than risk any kind of bodily harm or retaliation by her taking SO's car away to keep him from seeing me or leaving the house at all, which she has done in the past.
·We are not planming on keeping her in our lives. I decided a long time ago that she will never know her grandchildren (unless they want to find her when they're adults). I am not going to willingly put my children in danger. Even if she didn't do any of her awful behaviors, her smoking around children was enough to make me decide that. The rest is just more nails in the coffin.
·As for any questions regarding what I grew up in to make any of her behavior familiar, please let me know if a post about my own mother is allowed in this sub (I'm a little unsure after reading the rules) and I'll make a seperate post about it.
·I have gone to therapy in the past, but given my current financial situation, its not feasible as of right now.
Thank you for all the support and questions. I hope you all have lovely days!
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2020.05.06 01:28 sweet-southern-charm The Story of My Becoming Part 1

Hi everybody! Welcome to my first post! And with that, let’s start out with a BANGER! This one is long. I’m sorry. I’ll try to keep it sweet and simple without leaving any detail out.
About five years ago, I was dating my high school sweetheart and we had been together for five years, living together for roughly a year and my brother was our roommate. Let’s give him a new name...Jake. Well, Jake had started working as a cart pusher at Sam’s Club with one of his best friends, Wyatt. Everything seemed to be going good. They made new friends, got invited to cookouts, go workout together, the whole nine yards. One day I meet a coworker of theirs, Carly. We did not vibe when I met her. I tried being nice, but she would be snarky with me. I mentioned how I enjoyed Phillipino cuisine (she was “Pinoy”) and she snapped at me with “what‘s your favorite dish then?!” Okay, whatever. After she leaves, I told him I didn’t want her over again. My coworkeneighbor had gotten sick so I went and took her to the doctor. I come home and both of them were sitting on the couch not cuddling but basically sitting with legs touching. I told her she needed to leave and she did. One night, the Jake and Wyatt leave saying something happened with Carly, and they bring Carly back to the apartment and she was unconscious. Apparently, Carly tried to overdose on pills. My heart broke for her at that moment. Maybe she just acted the way she did because others hurt her in the past and she had built walls. We stayed up with her all night to make sure she was okay. The next day, we discussed letting Carly stay. And Wyatt said he would like to move in, too, since he really liked her. They both move in. Wyatt soon started dating Carly. It was weird at first, but I eventually tried to ease up since she had her eyes on Wyatt. Or so I thought. Cary attempts suicide a couple more times and finally says she found a different place to live which was with another coworker who lived a building away. Literally two seconds away. No joke. Wyatt stays with us. Jake texts me one night saying the store needed help getting the pergola set up over night. Sure, whatever. (Found our later that it was because Carly was staying, too.) It was our five year anniversary and Jake took us to the Hard Rock Casino where there was an expensive restaurant. It was great (atmosphere wise he stayed quiet the entire time) and I thought at one point he was going to propose. I thought was probably why he was quiet. That didn’t happen. Easter rolls around and Jake’s sister is in town, so we go to his parent’s house. Carly ended up in the hospital the day before and went to see her. I’m left alone with his family. His sister and mom look at me and start asking questions about Carly. They told me I needed to confront Jake, put my foot down, tell him he needs to stop, and that Carly has Wyatt. WOULDN’T YOU KNOW. We were sleeping on the couch at his parent’s and he starts saying, “I love you” louder and louder until I finally lift my head up knowing something was wrong. He tells me,”I think we need a break.” And that was the moment my heart shattered into a million pieces.
There I was laying in a guest bed at his parents house the next morning numb and void of any feeling. When I look back, I should’ve walked home at the moment it happened instead of moving to a different room. I probably put a major downer on everybody. Whoops.
But, if you think it ends there... you’re absolutely wrong. Stay tuned for more. Trust me. It gets wild. ☺️
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2020.04.22 04:30 Night_Shade_X My girlfriend stopped taking birth control without telling me now she's pregnant

As the title states my girlfriend and I of two years were dating and she decided to stop taking birth control and not tell me. But there's many factors involved. I am American and she is Phillipino and we met in a middle Eastern country we both worked in as I used to work there.
Basically her and I were together and in February I was switching jobs so I went out of the country for most of Feb. She had her period earlier in Feb and decided not to take her birth control. I returned back later than month and we argued and didn't talk for a week and some change. Finally in March we had sex and then later that month she told me she missed her period. I, of course puzzled asked how that's possible and she said she stopped taking her birth control.
I ended up going back to the States cause I had already quit my job and she also decided to go back to Philllipines. She then asked me to buy her a house and give her $800/month in support. That's more money than she was making overseas in our country as we worked in the middle East.
I'm very angry about the deception but here's the major twist in all of this. I spoke to a lawyer and he stated that she cannot take me to the court for child support since she's not in the US. Only a parent residing in the States, with the child can collect child support from another parent.
Hence, I have the option to walk away scot free legally and she cannot force me to take a DNA test. I'm very angry at her deception as well as her attempting to tell me that if we don't get married I can never see the child.
I'm almost tempted to walk away from this entire thing but then again I know it isn't the child's fault. The only way the child can become a citizen is if I were to initiate the process willingly. Hence unlike everyone else in this situation, everything is optional. However, by that same token I have almost no rights for her to let me see the child and any agreements made cannot be enforced since I will not be in Philippines so she can just withdraw the child out of my life. There is no reciprocal agreement for child support with Philllipines and the US.
I have almost no one I know I'm this situation like me thus I am making this post for a bit of advice.
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2020.04.15 00:34 Night_Shade_X Has anyone had a child by a woman overseas in her country? Question about child support and how that works.

As the title states I was working abroad and I had a girlfriend. Her and I didn't work out but after we ended I came back to the States (we dated 2 years) and she found out she was pregnant. I am wondering how all of this works from a court perspective. She will be giving birth in the Philippines and she's Phillipino. I will be living in the US.
  1. Does the child get automatic citizenship?
  2. Is there any court order or enforced child support? I will take care of my child of course but I wanted to know if there's any court enforcing this?
  3. Would the child potentially be a dual citizen?
Any help would be appreciated.
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2020.01.06 07:06 -gazeR I just finished chapter 1069 and I have one question. Why?

After binge watching all 3 seasons and all movies, I just had to know what happened next. So I started binge reading the series.
Talking specifically about Ippo, I was already getting a bit sick of, in my opinion, too many useless title defenses but, starting from the Jimmy Sisfa fight things started getting more interesting, challenging the asian champions and all that. Even though the Woli fight should have been lost but that must had been already largely discussed here (I've wanted to join the sub a long time now but didn't out of fear of spoilers).
Things seemed weird to me. A bit too weird. A couple chapters before the fight, Ippo loses to a spar with Sendo. Why? An animal with no actual experience from real fights (that we know of, at this point I guess), no real intellect put to his fights whatsoever with only the smash punch wins against a seemingly stronger opponent, with a lot more tools that the seemingly best coach in this world taught him, backing him up. But ok, no biggies.
Then as Sendo is making his way out, Takamura says if he noticed if Ippo has gotten weaker. How? Didn't he just train the fuck out of himself, neck, back, feet, just to overcome the hellish punch from Kojima and knock him out from a single punch, just to get weaker?. With more than a thousand chapters read I learnt that what Takamura says is the only true truth, so if he says Ippo is weaker now, he is, in fact, weaker.
So guys, why? I would say it's fine to lose his first try at the world stage because c'mon, it's world level. It was fine when he fought Date because he wasn't ready yet and I really liked that he lost because if he had won it would have been bullshit and bad writing imo. But then after Alfredo he loses to a random Phillipino and just retires? (Yeah, sadly in the site I was reading there was a post by an asshole who spoiled everything that happens next and I read it by accident thinking it was about the current fight).
Did Morikawa build all this just so Ippo gets weaker? Just to write him seconding his gymmates? Actually If he thought all of this, just so time passes and Ippo takes his gloves back and trains the shit out of it again to try at the world stage one more time but to win it this time, hyping it for like what, 10 years, it would be dope. But it is really, really anticlimactic and totally wrong from a marketing point of view (assuming we get more anime adaptation). I actually would really like to ask him myself, lol.
I will continue reading so I can read for myself how things turned out. But I'm hurt guys. I'm hurt.
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2019.01.22 00:38 poudjik [ARMA 3: APEX] - Battle of Marawi - SUNDAY 27th @ 20:00 UTC

Calendar Details:2019-01-27 20:00ARMA 3:APEXBattle of Marawi
Intense Urban Fighting in Philippines. !APEX DLC IS REQUIRED!


Where? PA Arma 3 Server
When? 20:00 UTC
Join the steam group!
Get the mods through our custom mod downloader, Swifty
When should I update the mods? As soon as you can, PM me with issues.
Want more info? LINK to our wiki
Recommended reading:
If you have any issues with any of them, or anything really. Do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other helpers on teamspeak. Reddit PM is the easiest way to get a hold of me.


Marawi, Philippines 2017
inspired by real events
An insurgent group has taken sudden control over Marawi, a densily inhabitant city in Phillipines. They have entrenched their positions in the city ruins and taken hundreds of civilians hostage as human shields.
After weeks of intense fighting our platoon of Phillipino Naval Commandos will be tasked with crossing over the Bayabao Bridge and securing the most central district of Marawi, in the process freeing any hostages held in the area.
This will be tough urban fighting, securing street-by-street, house-by-house.
Map of Marawi
Darter Drone imagery
The insurgents have had time to fortified themselves in numerous buildings and plant several booby traps. Finally, as we are pushing through they have recently started to employ suicide bomber tactics .
Objectives to secure
  • Resort
  • Bayabao Bridge
  • Hospital
  • Bank
  • Shopping Mall
  • TV Station
  • Mosque
  • Market Place
  • City Hall


Use this in your slotting comment:
IGN: SLOT: Alpha GL 
All slots labelled in bold are limited to player who have been in at least 3 PA events before.

All players are required to join the server 10 minutes before 20:00 UTC for slotting, if you do not make it on time you risk losing your slot. CO & squad leaders should join the teamspeak 30mn before the event starts for planning the mission.


This list is not guaranteed to be up to date! Do a quick look through the comments to make sure your slot hasn't already been claimed.
Callsign/ Role IGN Equipment
Plt. Medic johnnyhotsauce1
ALPHA Squad Leader Oriskana
Grenadier Poudjik
Grenadier Libation
Rifleman Km0use
Rifleman Krakon
MachineGunner Embrodak
BRAVO Squad Leader Smol ne
Grenadier drillboi
Grenadier sidirovich
Rifleman citizen
Rifleman Ole
MachineGunner AmO
CHARLIE Squad Leader Fosty
Grenadier benji
Grenadier Baki
Rifleman Zayev
Rifleman Snuggles
MachineGunner supabop
DELTA Squad Leader
Rifleman Weapon Marks
MachineGunner HerrDelta
Recon Observer sol52
Marksman l0ck3
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2018.11.18 15:39 MrWrenington [Budget] 2020 Korean Budget w/ Notes + Procurement

Class IV Budget
Category Percentage Allocated Funds
National Defense 8.94% $41,120,180,000.00
Research & Procrement 1.33% $6,131,760,000.00
Health, Welfare, and Employment 32.02% $147,371,210,000.00
Education 14.28% $65,697,430,000.00
Culture, Sports, and Tourism 1.67% $7,681,530,000.00
Enviornment 1.91% $8,781,530,000.00
Civilian R&D 4.29% $19,743,460,000.00
SOC Projects 3.99% $18,363,460,000.00
Agriculture, Forestry, Food, Fishery 3.89% $17,921,980,000.00
Industry, SME, Energy 3.68% $16,952,570,000.00
Social Order, Safety 4.06% $18,685,470,000.00
Public Admin/Local Gov. Grants 15.35% $70,651,330,000.00
Diplomacy/Reunification Efforts 1.38% $6,356,315,000.00
Phillipino Highway Investment (2/5) 0.15% $700,000,000.00
Burma Investments 0.17% $800,000,000.00
Other Foreign Aid 0.34% $1,551,750,000.00
Debt Service 2.54% $11,671,287,507.08

Job Creation

Growth Through Innovation

Citizen Well-Being

National Security

Overall Economic Summary

The Moon government's 2019 policies proved to be a success. Expanding on them has been seen as a smart thing to do, and Moon's popularity has been recuperating as of late, due to both this and his creation of peace in Korea. However, growth rates are still starting to decline and stagnate, and reforms are still needed to maintain them.
Our investment in Burma and the Philippines seems to have been going well. Spending in Burma as well as the acquisition of all mines in central Myanmar has increased our revenue by an amount. The Philippine highway program has gone well so far and will be continued until completion.
Procurement Budget: $6,131,760,000.00
Army Spending: $2,621,730,000.00
Airforce Spending: $2,550,000,000.00
Naval Spending: $388,662,500.00
R&D Spending: $571,360,000.00
Total Spending: $6,131,752,500.00
Amount Remaining: $7,500.00
Designation Type Nation of Origin Quantity Unit Cost Total Cost
Infantry Equipment + Misc Total Infantry Equipment Spending + Misc South Korea 12,123 $10,000.00 $121,230,000.00
K2 Black Panther MBT South Korea 201 $8,500,000.00 $1,708,500,000.00
Rotem KW1 Scorpion APC South Korea 65 $4,500,000.00 $292,500,000.00
K200 KIFV APC South Korea 50 $1,410,000.00 $70,500,000.00
K9 Thunder SP Artillery South Korea 110 $3,900,000.00 $429,000,000.00
Designation Type/Generation Nation of Origin Quantity Unit Cost Total Cost
KAI T-50 Golden Eagle Multi-role FighteV South Korea 45 $30,000,000.00 $1,350,000,000.00
MIM-104 Patriot SAM System United States 20 $60,000,000.00 $1,200,000,000.00
Designation Type Nation of Origin Yearly Cost Progress (Years) Scheduled Finish
Dosan Ahn Changho-class submarine Attack Sub South Korea $67,687,500.00 COMPLETED 2020
Dosan Ahn Changho-class submarine Attack Sub South Korea $67,687,500.00 COMPLETED 2020
Dosan Ahn Changho-class submarine Attack Sub South Korea $67,687,500.00 COMPLETED 2020
Daegu-class frigate frigate South Korea $49,600,00.00 2/5 2024
Daegu-class frigate frigate South Korea $49,600,00.00 2/5 2024
Daegu-class frigate frigate South Korea $49,600,00.00 2/5 2024
Incheon-class frigate frigate South Korea $46,400,000.00 2/5 2024
Incheon-class frigate frigate South Korea $46,400,000.00 2/5 2024
Incheon-class frigate frigate South Korea $46,400,000.00 2/5 2024
Incheon-class frigate frigate South Korea $46,400,000.00 2/5 2024
Project Name Start Date End Date (Projected) Progress Yearly Cost
KAI KF-X 2001 2025 19/24 $571,360,000.00
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2018.09.19 00:31 FalconLuvvers Let me tell you a story of someone who died in Indonesia...

...But first I have to tell you about several people.
The first is Adolf Hitler You are perhaps familiar with him. Adolf Hitler is one of the most reviled and controversial individuals in the history of the whole world. But today, I'm not going to talk to you about what he did during his most controversial years, but what he did after. You may be aware that Adolf Hitler was the chancellor of Nazi Germany, and therefore responsible for one of the most horrific events in human history. But my unease isn't with this, and i'm aware that there are some of you who deny what he was responsible for, and that's your opinion. My interest is what happened next. According to the currently accepted paradigm, Hitler perished by his own hand. He and his wife of only a few hours Eva Braun fed poison to his dog Blondie, walked into a room, ordered Otto Gunsch to close the door behind them, said their goodbyes, perhaps kissed for the last time, placed a cyanide pill betwen their teeth, placed a gun to their temples, bit down on the pill mere nanoseconds later, pulled the trigger.
When Gunsch heard the shots, he opened the door, surveyed the scene, and informed the other members of Hitler's closest gaurd that Der Fuhrer was dead. Hitler and Eva's bodies were gathered up, wrapped tightly and brought out of the Fuhrerbunker. A hole was quickly dug to the shrill backdrop of Soviet shells. The bodies were dumped in and doused in gallons of petrol. The rags were set on fire and the shoddy grouo huddled together and raised their arms high inot the sky in a slaute to their dead leader.
Meanwhile, the advancing forces of the Worker's and Peasant's Red Army rushed through the quickly surrendering German forces.
Some time later, they dug around the Fuhrerbunker and came across a huddled mass of burnt bones an a skull.
Adolf Hitler was for all intents and purposes dead. His psycopathic regime had collapsed and German quickly surrenderd. The ideaology of Nationalsozialismus had failed. Its adherent and propagators were now being hunted down by the victorious Allies, and slowly, the process od denazification took over.
The Nazis were no more.
Or were they?
Naziism would have never acheived the heights it had were there not support of some incrediblly tenacious individuals and those individuals were not going to allow their leader's legacy or their work simply fall. They were going to come back. It woudl be hard and may not even happen in their lifetime, or their children's lifetimes. But they would fight for it.
And so, the many supporters of Adolf Hitler who had kept him aloft with their individual skills went deep underground and worked slowly, carefully and carelessly to renew their ideology.
Supporters such as:
Skorzeny was seen as the leader of the ODESSA movement. For reasons of neutrality, it should be said that most scholars assume that ODESSA is a non-exitant entity as there is little to no evidence of its official existence. The reality is that there is a lot of evidence of organised Nazi resistance post war. But an official one with a backed hierarchial structure is another story. Skorzeny and Ulrich Rudel both commanded an organised unit that can be compared to and assumed to be the ODESSA unit. Rudel was not indicted for war crimes after the war and thus was free to roam the world promoting naziism and generally acted as a messenger ferrying communicative and updative messages between groups or units. His address book is ample evidence of the links he maintained. Skorzeny himself maintained the battalion troops of the anti-communist group Skorzeny Jagdverein
And they were all connected. They had each other’s locations, they had each other addresses and numbers. They moved vast sums of gold and dollars.
Others ran projects ilke Operation Barnhard, designed to try and topple the Britsh economy
They all kept something that would help them contact another nazi in times of trouble. Such as for example, coded letters and notebooks, and address books
Two months after the D-Day landings, many of the above mentioned nazis met at the Maison rouge to discuss the possibility of the collapse of the nazi regime and what to do to ensure its future revival
The CIA documented the various methods at which the Nazis went about trying to gather resources for a resurgence
Why have I collected the information above? The reason will become clear soon, for now, lets get back to Hitler himself.
For decades, the Soviets had proclaimed that the full skull that had been found by the red army was that of Hitler. In the 1970's, the Soviets cremated the remains of the individual thought to be Hitler and cast the ashes into the sea. The only portion remaining was that of the skull. But in 2008, University of Connecticut professor Nick Bellatoni examined the skull and concluded that it didn't belong to Hitler, but an unidentified Female. While Russia denied ever letting Bellatoni examine the skull, he remains adamant at having examined it. The only remaining members of Hitler’s family refuse to have their DNA cataloged, and the only other source of Hitler’s DNA is in unethically gathered private collections so even if we find some other remains, it's going to be hard to confirm anything.
Now, I think its time to get to the bulk of my post.
Let me tell you about another person.
Hitler's theories on race and suprmeacy were just that, theories. But when he came to power, he needed scientific backup to allocate the support of the mainstream community, lest they become dissilussioned to the concept of Aryan supremacy. This is why he let his scientists carry out horrificallly unethical research.
One of the academic sponsors of Hitler's racial program was a well-known and well-respected anthropologist and chairperson of the Vienna Anthropological Society, a Dr. Hella Pöch Dr. Hella Pöch's work was extraordinarily influential in deciding who was, and who was not, a Jew. Working for the Orwellian-nomenclatured Race and Resettlement Office of the Reich, Hella Pöch interviewed subjects and performed questionable tests to determine the degree of “Jewishness” in an individual, and whether or not they qualified as Jews or as German citizens: a decision that had, of course, enormous implications.
Its not Hella we’re interested in though. It’s her second husband, Dr. Georg Anton Poch.
Georg, or Poch from now on, was chief medial officer in salzburg during the nazi regime and was involved in euthanasia programmes. We know little if anything about him, although there is a statement from an american that he had a medical degree from Johns Hopkins. A quick search of that school’s medical records don’t show him coming up. Although there is a ship’s record of him travelling to the states the year he supposedly graduated.
Poch was however academically active when it came to collaboration with the US, when he co-authored a paper with Charles leach on Diphtheria.
After the war, the Pochs tried to hide from their once open nazi ways, and tried to live without attracting attention to themselves in the city of eisenstadt, which had just been captured by the Russians, meanwhile the US had captured the city of Salzburg.
Whilst living in occupied Eisenstadt, Georg was confronted by Jewish and black survivors, who wrote an articele in the local paper exposing him and Hella for their actions. They were questioned by the Americans in the CIC, the precursor to the CIA.
According to Poch’s own testament, he was take to Camp Marcus w. Orr, or Macorr to the Austrians. He would have avoided arrest entirely and it not been for a rival doctor, who had provided the evidence the Jews and Black survivors had failed to do
Just before the indictment can come down, Poch decides to flee. The American zone, apparently easier to escape from than the Russian zone.
In his testament, he writes that he and his wife flee to a city “G“ in Austria and then from “G” to “J”. “G" is believed to be the city of Graz, where Hella Poch did indeed have relatives. It is then indicated that they left from Graz and crossed the border to Yugoslavia. We can confer this if we analyse the possible escape routes from Graz, as opposed to Salzburg. A few investigators believe that “J” refers to Jugoslawien, or Yugoslavia in German.
From this he makes his way to “B”, which is probably Bolzano. We can assume this because it was a major headquarters for the Austrian Ratline, the name given to the routes nazis took to flee before, during and mostly the end of the war.
In December of 46, he says he goes to “R” to get identity documents. No one knows what this “R” is, but some investigators have deduced that it may be referring to Rome. this is because Germany-Austria-Italian Tyrol was a popular ratline for Nazis. In any case, he obtains a German passport.
From there, he travels to Sumbawa, an island of the Indonesian archipelago. And never sets foot in his native land again.
Two Austrians, a husband and wife, who escaped the allies made their way to Indonesia. They were spotted by a Dr. Sosro Husodo, who was travelling on the USS Hope and disembarked at Sumbawa. He noticed the man’s charlie chaplin moustache. Upon conversation, he found out they were german and were doctors. After the extradition of Klaus Barbie made headlines worldwide and Hitler’s diaries were exposed as a hoax, Sosro put two and two together and assumed the husband and wife were Hitler and Braun. The wife left the doctor and where she went is anybody's guess, although an official story does exist. Georg Poch remarried to a woman named Sulaesih.
Dr. Poch’s tombstone had no dates of death or birth. A few months after He died in 1970, The Soviets decided to dig up the remains they claimed were Hitlers, before cremating them and scattering them into river. Remember when I said there was no real way to associate the remains of Poch with those of Hitler due to the DNA issue, another method is to compare heights, if the highest are off, then there was no way it could be Hitler. According to Poch’s passport, he and hitler share very similar heights.
Poch gave all his documents and his testament, as well as the important address book to Sulaesih, who gave them to Sosro, upon whose death were transferred into the ownership of the aforementioned Chinese man in Singapore.
In 2010, Soeryo Goeritno, an Indonesian Arms dealer, Prince and all round intriguing person, wrote a book entitles " Hitler died in Indonesia " Goeritno had access to the Poch documents as well as exclusive copies of pages from Poch's testament granted to him by the enigmatic chinaman. Throught his book, Goeritno refers to Poch as Hitler. He interviews individuals who knew Poch and generally involved himself deeply in the sbuject. Then suddenly, one day he was summoned by contacts in Russia and returned back in the same day. He suffered a stroke at the airport upon his return and was interred in a wheelchair for the forseeable future, he's been in one since, unble to speak.
One thing that should be known is that Goeritno had formed a joint venture with Singapore's Temasek holdings - For the purpose of mining gold on Sumbawa.
So why were so many people interested in Poch, apart from the obvious reason of him possibly being Hitler? Well in order to understand the context and to realise why, we need to look back once again at the every end of world war two and the scramble of the axis powers to save their lives and their wealth, in order to finance a rebirth of their movement at some time in the future.
It is time to discuss Sukarno’s gold.
In 1997, a man by the name of Dr. Edson Damanik went missing from Jakarta, Indonesia and died in the US. His story, which I’m going to talk about now is much disputed. Some describe it as a hoax, a sham. By others as one of the darkest secrets of world war 2 and its aftermath.
One thing to note about this is that while there are elements that are simply unverifiable, this story is thoroughly documented. This is either fraud or a series of crimes committed by one of the world’s most populous nations, alongside nations that suffered greatly during the second world war.
This story attracted many people to the Poch documents.
Here it is. Dr. Edison Damanik was a real person. Born Novermber 30th, 190 in Pematang North Sumatra. He was a former police investigator and advisor and consultant to the Indonesian government of Soeharto. What it was he was a consultant of has never been revealed. What is known is that he was the chairman of something called PT Galaxy trust, on Jalan Rawam Kepa VI, in the Tomang area of Jakarta. He was married to Etty Purnama-Damanik, who survived his death. In the months leading up to his disappearance, two strange persons were known to be living near him and keeping his home under some kind of surveillance. These two have been identified as Frederick Robinson, an oil executive and Paul Morse who stayed in the Citraland hotel for 8 months. Some describe them as CIA agents, but thats unverifiable. This story of Damanik and PT Galaxy Trust is complicated and involves a rumour that existed there-that in the name of President Sukarno- a vast fortune in gold, most or all of which represented the fruits of Japanese and German war crimes: the seizing of art, jewellery, antiques, as well as gold and its hiding in hidden places around the world for eventual re-use. Much of this was buried in caves throughout the Philippine islands, where some has actually been found - and the rest in other parts of South east Asia, notably in the Indonesian archipelago. That part is certain. What isn’t certain is whether or not Damanik actually had what he claimed he possessed: Genuine gold certificates worth billions of dollars at today’s prices, certificates representing accounts in foreign banks in the name of Sukarno.
Some sources claim that the axis scramble to save their unethically to say the least obtained wealth began before 1944. We know that some of the nazi looted art and valuables was hidden in the salt mines near Salzburg, where Poch lived and escaped from. Some of the nazi art and gold was loaded onto transports and sent to spain and portugal. From there some of it made its way to South america by ship or U-Boat. But it was revealed that forty tons of "black eagle” gold had been shipped to the Portuguese colony of Macau near Hong Kong, in what is now China. And Twenty tons wound up in Indonesia. An estimated 400 tons of nazi gold made its way to Portugal during the way as payment for tungsten, a much needed component of steel. So we can therefore account for that and the forty that made its way to the South-east-Asian islands, but the rest of the gold is still missing. Much of it is believed to lie under the streets of Lisbon, in the vaults of the bank of Portugal, but because of the incessant traffic between Portugal and its colonies including Macau, its impossible to verify.
Black eagle gold is referred to as such because it was gold obtained from any source, gold trinkets, watches, tableware an the teeth of holocaust victims, melted down, smelted into bars and stamped with the black eagle insignia used by the Reischbank.
In addition to the Macau lot, there were other shipments, mostly from Spain to points around the world. At the same time the Nazis were shipping gold, the Japanese were burying it. The workers who did the hard labour of digging the tunnels, transporting and hiding the gold are murdered to keep the secret safe. Maps were created, seconded and hidden. At the end of the war, there was only a dozen or so individuals with access to the maps and fewer with the capabilities to locate the gold.
As crazy as this sounds, its well documented, check out Sterling and Peggy Seagrave, check outgold warriors: america’s secret recovery of Yamashita’s gold for more.
In 1971 Rogelio Roxas, a phillipino locksmith, found a massive stash of several hundred thousand tons of gold bars and a 28 inch tall gold statue of Buddha, whilst investigating a tunnel behind a hospital in Baguio, that had been the HQ of the former Japanese general Yamashita Tomoyuki.. The gold was stashed in a room at the end of tunnel riddled with dead bodies of the workers that had lain there for more than 25 years. Months later, his house was raided and al the gold taken, he was beaten up by raiders with a search warrant from a judge who was the uncle of Ferdinand Marcos, who asked him to do it. Roxas was further tortured when he complained and became permanently blind in one eye. Rojas had only taken some of the gold, the raiders had to torture the location of the full stash from another man who was with Roxas. Rojas kept quiet till the day Marcos was deposed, before suing him in a US court. The amount of proof was staggering, phtos of the hoard, testimony etc. Marcos’ defence team didn’t challenge the story at all, and Roxas was awarded 41 billion dollars. In 1998, the hawaii supreme court reversed the decision, but only in terms of the amount stolen by Marcos and not the fact that it was stolen.
So there it is. Hitler survived the war, escaped to Indonesia. lived a life trying to secrelty help rebuild the nazi empire. Failed and passed away in the 70's.
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2018.08.17 23:56 DanIsSwell I know an American man who was contacted by a Phillipino woman on a dating site...

Long story short- he sent her a ring, was sending her money (over 15,000 last I know) 3 years later she obtained some type of visa and now lives with him in U.S. She left her kids behind, and said that is very common in the phillipines for a mom to meet a man and leave her kids. Just wondering, is that really a common thing, or is she misrepresenting?
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2018.05.14 00:39 bru12- complicated dating flashbacks

ive got an issue to work through. I recently had a date set up and it set off some major flashbacks and triggers.
growing up I always had a bad experience (and I'm not trying to offend anyone, I'm trying to work through this) with white males/boys. they seemed to be the demographic that was always the least understanding of my cptsd issues and the ones who would bully me for it. girlfriends tended to meet me with compassion and I had a good male friend who was half phillipino who was very supportive of me. I also have complex issues with my 2 older brothers (who are white, I am white female).
when I was old enough to start dating I had I always had much more positive experiences with non white boyfriends so I mostly dated outside my race (I'm not including abusive realtionships in this, obviously any type of person can be abusive). the guys I dated outside my race were emotionally supportive and tended to have a higher emotional IQ, something i really require in a relationship due to my cptsd. in highschool I always felt like white guys were intimidated by me or really put off by some of my cptsd aspects, whereas like I mentioned, others were able to see past that .
as I'm dating again I'm trying to work through these issues because I don't want to have issues with anyone of any kind. I'm trying to figure out how much of it is just flashbacks or if should continue to avoid, as I need that supportiveness for cptsd symptoms as I try to build trust and heal.
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2018.02.02 02:31 throwwawaybeardedguy Falling in love for androgynous feminine looking guy, am I turning gay?

I've always dated women and never felt any attraction for guys, but this phillipino cutie from work, who's only 22 years old is really exquisitely beautiful! He's got a nice feminine figure, nice ass, luscious plump lips and rocking a nice pixie haircut. He's fairly new here in the USA(New York) and just got here last year October. I really liked her a lot! she's shy, smart and awkwardly funny. I wanna ask her out and tour her around the city but I'm afraid I might turn gay or even worse, he might reject me! though I'm a fairly attractive 26 year old guy. We don't talk much but I'm really trying to to talk to him and get to know him but the "becoming gay" thing really scares me. I added her on facebook and she accepted it in just about 10 minutes! I really wish he would transition into a woman so I could date her as I've dated a transwoman before.
Should I talk to him? or this is just completely gay?
EDIT: I'm using gender pronouns interchangeably because I don't know what pronouns to address hehim.
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2018.01.18 17:19 puhleez420 Yzma May be Voldemort, too

So this happened ages ago before Pacha and I were dating. Pacha and I both attended an advanced placement residential high school. Pacha was from the town said HS was in, I was a junior, he was a senior.
Pacha was pretty introverted, but not in a weird, awkward kind of way. He had a couple of "dates" before I came around, and one serious girlfriend who just so happened to be a ho and cheated on him with some carnies that came to town. (Yes. Seriously.) Pacha was also known as Captain Oblivion, even then. He thought they were still dating, she had broken up with him but didn't tell him, etc. It was a mess.
So, Pacha had a friend who was a girl. They got along well, figured, hey, why don't we go for a date. I think they went on a couple, and being that Pacha lived in town, went to his house to have dinner with Yzma one night.
Pacha shows up with said friend and Yzma puts on the front that she farts candy. Literally, a direct quote, (get your airsickness bags) "I don't fart, I caaaaandy." Huuuurrk
Pacha and friend have a nice time and go back to school. Pacha comes home for the weekend and Yzma has the Walter face as soon as he walks in the door.
See, said friend is Phillipino. Apparently, Yzma took an issue with that. She pounced on him the moment he walked in the door. Pacha got berated for more than 10 minutes about how he better never bring her home again, that Yzma wasn't going to stand for "half-breed grandchildren." Wait, record scratch sphincter said what? Pacha just took it, and they didn't date anymore. So, thanks to Yzma, the door was open for me, and she had no idea what she was getting into with that. Lol.
I don't know how much this has to do with this particular conversation, but Yzma and Kronk are 3rd or 4th cousins on both sides of their family trees. Thoughts? Is Yzma Voldemort? Would my husband's hypothetical children with someone he only "dated" 2 or 3 times be filthy Muggles? Is Yzma a Nazi? Discuss.
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2017.08.09 03:30 poudjik [ARMA 3:APEX] - Maersk Louisiana Hijacking - SUNDAY EVENT @ 19:00 UTC

Calendar Details:2017-08-13 19:00Arma 3:APEX Maersk Louisiana Hijacking


Where? PA Arma 3 Server
When? 19:00 UTC It's also on Slick updater upper left.
Join the steam group!
Get the mods through our custom mod downloader, SWIFTY
When should I update the mods? As soon as you can, PM me with issues.
Want more info? LINK to our wiki
Recommended reading:
If you have any issues with any of them, or anything really. Do not hesitate to ask for help on our discord chat or teamspeak channel.


2017, Coast of Phillipines
The Merchant Vessel "Louisiana", has been hijacked by a Phillipino-based terrorist group, taking in hostage 30 of the MV Louisiana crewmembers, comprising some US citizens.
Approximately half of the hostages have been transferred out from the ship to a port inland, serving the terrorists as a sea operating base. We fear the hostages will be dispatched further inland where we will no longer be able to track them.
The US Navy Seal Team Six is called upon to rescue the hostages.
  • Secure the ship
  • Check for any bomb on board
  • Rescue hostages inland
  • Capture any surrending terrorists for trial
  • SSE (Sensitive Site Exploitation) at the port, collect any intel if any.


Use this in your slotting comment:
IGN: SLOT: Alpha AT 
CO, squad leaders and pilots should join the teamspeak 30 minutes before the event starts for planning the mission.
Only one medic in this operation, everyone will have the ability to administer epinephrine, but for the challenge epinephrines will be in very limited quantity so do not die!
If this is your first time in PA, do not apply for a leadership or pilot role, these are reserved for players who have familiarized with PA events.


This list is not guaranteed to be up to date! Do a quick look through the comments to make sure your slot hasn't already been claimed.
Callsign/ Role IGN Equipment
CO johnnyhotsauce1
PLT Medic Lucide
Chalk 1 Pilot Wizard
Chalk 2 Pilot abecor
Chalk 3 Pilot Theory101
ALPHA Leader LordLoko
Grenadier Fox
Breacher Jacob
Rifle AT K4mpfie
Rifle Embrodak
MG Cuddle Buns
BRAVO Leader zomp
Grenadier Greyhound
Breacher Anderson
Rifle AT billofbong
Rifle Kulemi
MG Liam Hobson
CHARLIE Leader Brett
Grenadier Phoenix
Breacher Shadowpath
Rifle AT Poudjik
Rifle Dead
MG Guthrie
DELTA Leader Samspiderman
Grenadier Straw
Breacher Glabal
Rifle AT Sean
Rifle Obi
MG Luis
ECHO Leader ninja
Grenadier Ashley Mosey
Rifle AT
Rifle Horse
MG Zunderstorm
Sniper (recon element) j0nas
Observer Teddy
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2017.07.07 01:00 onewatt A really REALLY long post: Some stories from my mission emails

I re-discovered a bunch of the emails I sent to friends while on my mission lo these many years ago. Thought I would share some of the more entertaining bits from the first year or so in the thought that maybe it will make somebody uncertain about missionary service feel a little more optimistic, or at least offer a bit of entertainment. Hope you don't mind.
In other news, a nice man approached us yesterday and asked if we wanted to learn “Chinese Boxing.” My companion excitedly said yes, but after a little discussion it turns out he meant Tai Chi which would be not like boxing. The man later tried to express the depth of his strength through a handshake with elder Rowberry. His arm quivered, his brow furrowed, his eyes squinted as he applied the force of his will to squeezing elder Rowberry’s hand as hard as he could.
Elder Rowberry grew up in a family of 7 men, all of whom are very much into fighting, bodybuilding, wrestling and the like.
The Man With the Kung Fu Grip started squinting and shaking a little more as my companion squished the man’s knuckles together just a little.
Elder Rowberry: 1. Kung Fu Death Grip: 0.
The highlight of the past week, though, came on Sunday. As we stopped to look at a map, and big old man with a scarred over tracheotomy walked up to us.
I will mention that my Chinese isn’t that good to begin with.
He said something, then tapped on my nametag. Then he turned to Elder Rowberry and said “Aaaayyyy!” and gave him a big hug. Then he turned to me and said “Aaaayyy!” and gave me a big hug. Then, in English, he said, “I love you!” and gave Elder Rowberry a hug again and wandered off. Apparently to find more missionaries to hug.
THEN, moments later, in the same spot, a lady waves at us through the window. We go over and she starts talking to us. She was from Vietnam, and her Chinese wasn’t very good. Despite that, she made it abundantly clear that she was looking for an American to marry. We said, sorry not interested. She started crying and told us about how she first met Americans when they killed her father when she was five years old. She still remembers the jets and the bombs.
Then she wiped away the tears and said, ‘but that doesn’t matter now, we’re all friends now. I like Americans now.’
We couldn’t think of what to say, and knew that she wouldn’t understand much of whatever it was we weren’t thinking of anyway. So we just shook hands and went away.
The past couple weeks I’ve been thinking about marriage a lot. Not my own, mind you, but others. For example, we had a reception at the church here for a man who is a member, and his vietnamese wife, who is not.
He called me yesterday and said “can you elders come over on Friday?” I said “sure, why?” He said “To teach my wife the gospel!” and I said “How will we communicate with her?” To which he said “I don’t know.”
We’ve been telling him for months that if he marries a girl who doesn’t speak Chinese, and he can’t speak her language, and she’s not his religion, and he lives with his parents who hate his religion, it leads to a LOT of problems.
Nevertheless, he decided to marry her.
And it still hasn’t sunk in that we can’t help her learn the gospel, and hasn’t sunk in that he has to stand up to his parents and just take her to church despite their objections.
He wants a lot, but doesn’t seem to see the obstacles that need to be overcome.
There’s another guy in the ward who, many years ago, married a vietnamese girl. She’s now gone for about 27 days out of the month, living with her boy and girl friends somewhere else. But occasionally she comes back to see her two kids.
We visited an old singe guy the other night. He said – “I’m facing a lot of strangeness right now.” He drew a line, “This is the path that leads to God.” then he drew a box with many lines coming out of it, “This is where I am now, and I don’t know which way to go. This way,” He labeled it, “leads to pain. This way,” he labels another, “leads to Satan. This leads to hell. This one leads to temptation. This one leads to Japan. And I don’t know which way I’m headed right now.”
We can only hope it’s not to a foreign country.
After emailing last week, we went to eat a nice big lunch with some super-nice members. While there, a crazy lady came into the building asking if we could either give her money or go with her to the hospital in Danshui. We said no, but offered to walk her to the train station or give her some food. She said no, she could really use some money. We gave her some curry rice.
A few minutes later she was gone. Then sister Anderson noticed so was her bag with all her cash, cards and important “Hey-look-I’m-an-american” documents in it. Elder Rowberry and I dashed outside, searched the station, searched the streets, searched the parking garage. I knew she couldn’t have gone far with her limp and extreme baggage, so we checked the stairwells. We ended up walking into the 3rd floor, which is a Japanese Buddhism (different from chinese, or indian, or taiwanese) church. They said nobody had come in there, but one of the ladies said she was sure she saw somebody go into the restroom. But the other ladies said no.
We returned to the 4th floor (our chapel) to see that they still hadn’t found her. Then my companion saw the elevator doors open with the crazy lady inside. He yelled, she pressed the “close door” button and started down. My companion and I dashed down the stairs. She wasn’t expecting to encounter our loyal army of buddhist secretaries on the third floor, though. Four women snatched her as soon as the elevator doors had opened and brought her right up to us.
Well, long story short, she had gone into the 3rd floor restroom and dumped out everything but the cash, which we found in her bag. But it took about 3 hours to get it back due to this, that and the policemen.
In a final note, we were called over to a grocery store by a big policeman who spoke english like an italian. He demanded we talk with him about our church. He was really nice, but really distracted. As we were wrapping it up, I asked if I could teach him how to pray. He said “Oh, we don’t have time for that! We would have to prepare the candles, the napkins and the tomatoes!”
I didn’t know what to say to that, really, so there it stands.
There’s a dog that sleeps right outside the door of the apartment building. He gets up and runs with us every time we leave to proselyte. Apparently he’s been hit by more cars and missionaries than you could count on your fingers and toes. We like him a lot. It’s nice to have somebody excited to see you, even if it is an animal.
Actually, we have lots of kids excited to see us, but the parents almost never are.
Elder Taylor just recieved a letter that was sent in the beginning of September. The reason it took so long is because the sender wrote in cursive.
A. The chinese people don’t often read english anyway,
B. English cursive is more like ancient mesopotamian snake worshipers’ secret scrolls of knowledge and favorite cookie recipes of the chief high potentate than English to the average chinese postal worker.
So, if the holy spirit moves you to send a letter, please do not hearken to the spirit which teacheth a person to write the address in cursive. For you must not write in cursive.
The work is going pretty okay here. We have lots of people who are really good, but have serious smoking problems. We keep running into it, and haven’t been able to get anybody to overcome it yet. I can’t imagine how hard it would be. I’m trying to break my habit of popping my fingers, and that’s hard enough without the added physical addiction. So. Don’t smoke.
As an added bonus into the life of Elder onewatt, this week you get to peek at my grocery list (and I quote): “Jar, sponges, pain killers, ping pong ball, mantos, tissue, rice or beans?” To me, the question mark indicates I wasn’t firm in the faith when I decided to add ‘rice or beans’ to the list. I’m sure I probably meant “Ice cream” instead.(2)
You may be able to tell, I’m waiting for the inspiration to strike.(3) I know I haven’t got a lot of time to write, but, as I’m lacking any response to last week’s email, I’m stumbling at the starting line.
First of all. Jesus went to India and studied under the Dhalhi Lhamha(4) and then returned to Israel to teach and spice things up with his own ‘stuff’. I learned this fact from a helpful man we tracted into. He was so impressed that our religion teaches about a pre-existence that he decided he needed to convert us to Buddhism. He then proceeded to say, in response to pretty much anything we’d say, “Oh, sure. That’s really from Buddhism. You fellas would really get a lot out of Buddhism. You should go check it out. They have it in English you know.”
Later I realized this man was the devil, and we shouldn’t have been so patient with him. (5)
Also, yesterday I got to help a grandma put up a chicken coohp. She must have just had a drink of liquid ninja or something, cause she was climbing up the trees, walking across the roof, putting nails through solid beams with one strike of the hammer, etc. The old ladies in Taiwan are scary. They pick up and hurl scooters with ease and abandon. In that order. Anyway, it was fun. We chased chickens for fun, too.
But only the grandkids could catch them.
Now for something slightly uplifting, I hope.
We were riding down a street in Banqiao one night when a guy screamed at us, waving a cross on his keychain.
Naturally, we pulled over.
He said to us, “This is my protection.” We said to him, “We have better. Would you like to learn more?” He said yes.
The first time we met with him he came in with smoke on his breath, teeth stained red from binglan, flakes of skin on his face and hands, bathroom sandals on his feet, cracked fingernails, messy greasy hair. He couldn’t seem to hang on to a lot of the ideas very long. Everything about this guy said he’s just another half-crazy that we seem to meet everywhere.
But he wanted to learn more. So we taught him to pray to his Father in Heaven, and gave him a Book of Mormon to read.
The next time he showed up early. We didn’t want to invite him to join the church right away, because we aren’t supposed to baptize people with mental problems, and we couldn’t tell if he fell into that category or not. So we taught him about repentance and how great it feels to overcome mistakes.
We decided we’d invite him to live all the commandments. Then, if he could do that much on his own, we would set up an interview with the bishop to see if he was capable of joining.
The third time we met with him he was a lot more attentive and focused. We taught him the commandments – including the word of wisdom, which teaches us to keep away from smoking and that binglan stuff and other unhealthy things. He thought about it for a minute, and then said okay.
Just before I moved to Ji An we were riding down the street on the way home. A man flagged us down, so, of course, we went over. It was our investigator friend. But his face and hands were clean. His teeth were white. He was standing up straight. His hair was neatly combed. He was obviously “all there.” He was smiling and happy.
The message is this: The commandments of God are not for him to control us- because we don’t have to do anything we don’t want to. But if we want real satisfaction with who we are, if we want to find some lasting happiness despite circumstances, we can follow the path that God has outlined through his commandments.
This is the plan of happification. Get happified.
(1) except to advertisements, which may occasionally cause you to careen into unsuspecting mass transit units.
(2) 7-11 is having a 2 for 1 sale on ice creams this month. Please send donations to the Elder onewatt Ice Cream and Fun Run Fund.
(3) Not just inspiration, but THE inspiration.
(4)Elder onewatt’s thought on Hindu spelling: When in doubt, add an H. It’s just like Cthulhu!
(5)See Waterboy for more information on what qualifies for “the devil”.
Not a lot to report this week. The rock has been turned up. The suck has been turned down. The jive has been all but eliminated. Funk and groove are at all time highs. And the temperature is in the mid-seventies. People are drinking right out of the refrigerated coconut of life.
Well, it’s not really all quite that good. Funk and groovewise, anyway.
If I ever had a manservant, I would want him to be named “Groovewise.”
I recently passed the point where I’m officially closer to menace-to-society than I am to 24. I celebrated by waxing chairs and singing “A very merry un-birthday to me.” Other missionaries think I’m a little weird. And they may be right.
The other day six brothers and sisters all came up to us. The oldest was probably 10. They surrounded us as we tried to figure out where to go tracting. They pushed the buttons on our bicycle lights and asked questions. “What is this for?” and “What is in your bag?” and “Want to come play?” One of them asked us “Where are you from?” And another one answered “They’re from heaven.” “Are you from heaven?” “Hey, these guys are from heaven.”
We left them there in the street while they waited for their father to finish getting drunk. And I wondered if it was fair of us, and what would happen to them in years to come.
But I wonder that kind of thing a lot.
I heard somewhere that goldfish have a memory of four seconds. That would mean that a goldfish’s entire life is whatever he has experienced in the past four seconds. Hey, look… Bubbles.
I don’t know how true that is. I imagine it’s one of those statistics that 78 percent of the population can make up on the spot.
But I got to wondering about the memory span of a human.
Okay, obviously we remember a lot longer than four seconds. But there is an aspect of us that is somewhat forgetful, as well. That is, even though we can remember the fact of the event we forget what it meant to us at the time.
My thought is that the average memory span of a human being (in that sense) is probably around a year for most people. The reason for this is that I can remember just under a year ago I was able to drive around in a car and listen to music. I remember the fact of it. I remember that I thought of it as an enjoyable thing. But I don’t any more. You know? Like I forgot how it was to enjoy it because I haven’t been able to do it for a long time.
Anyway, I think that is probably true for more things than just driving in a car. I imagine it is hard to remember why you liked spending time with the people you spent time with a year ago unless you still do. Or hard to imagine what it would be like to be back at the job you had a year ago when you’ve been doing a different job for a year.
So the trick is to let the unimportant things fade, and keep the important things bright in your memory. Maybe that’s one good purpose of a diary. We meet lots of people here who find real stability and happiness in life, then figure there’s no need to maintain it, and a year or so later they are completely different people. But I completely believe that a maintenance of emotion and belief and thought is possible for an immense amount of time.
Of course, there is the nostalgia eel, who swims up the passages of our personal history like a slippery ribbon-like ghost of goodness past. Then it’s like being there again, re-living it over again. But never quite as potent, nor ever quite the same flavor again.
So that’s my random ‘people are like fish’ theory. I’m not sure how gills fit in, but I’m sure they do somewhere.
In DLZLTM, which is a meeting, Sister Mission President spoke to the leaders about how to deal with sister missionaries you might have responsibility for, and what kind of problems to expect.
Elder Lucas, raised his hand and said, “Um, sometimes sisters get really emotional because of a problem. Maybe they’re crying or something. You know? So, my question is…. um when we’re talking to them… Are we allowed to use logic?”
I thought it was funny.
Also, sister mission president said no.
Notes of interest from the past week included and were not limited to a 4 year old girl who wandered around in a santa mask yelling “SANTA IS HUNGRY. WHAT IS SANTA GOING TO EAT?” over and over again.
I define it as a high point.
I had the opportunity to read some governmental forms about piracy between china and taiwan. I don’t think it’s normal to let foriegners read these things, but they wanted help translating them from english. We did pretty well, I think, but had trouble with the sentence “He said the shipment arrived in Shanghai, but really it’s all bosh.”
Bosh… bosh… good word.
Last week I experienced the lowest numbers – that is, the numbers that reflect work done by my companionship – since my arrival on island. It was not a pleasant experience. The twin devils of Doubt and Fear have, therefore, been able to sneak their way into my previously doubtless and fearless mind. And while some of the lowness in numbers can be attributed to meetings and a 3 hour bike ride, all of which took away from the work time, my fear (there’s that word) is that it reflects lack of aptitude on my part.
Or maybe it’s just all bosh.
Friday night a member called in a pretty stressed state of mind. He was from my first area. He said he was in a hospital in a place called Shou Feng, and asked if we could visit him. We didn’t have anything saturday afternoon, so we said okay. So at about noon we took off for Shou Feng, about .5 hour away by bike. The problem is that Shou Feng is a really big area of land. This member had said that the hospital was just inside the shou feng area, but it turned out to take us 1.5 hours to get there. So that was frustrating.
He’s going through some kind of rehab right now. It’s pretty rough on him, and he feels pretty lousy about himself. We talked about how we can rely on God for help, and trust him to lead us to happiness – But that the change is usually hard and painful. He cried a lot and thanked us and took pictures with us.
Then it was back to JiAn. I thought that we had an appointment in about an hour and a half from that point, so we went pretty fast and I pushed myself pretty hard. I had been feeling that I kept making poor decisions, or maybe I wasn’t working hard enough. So I guess I just made myself work a little harder that day. It was pretty tiring, but we made it in time to grab a bite to eat and be at the church in time for the lesson.
Probably I should have said to myself: “Self, You have only just got over a cold recently, you should take it slower.” But rather I said “Be sure to drink plenty of water and you’ll be fine.”
Can you tell this is going somewhere?
I should have said “Self, you had asthma as a kid, and even though it’s really warm and you aren’t short of breath, better safe than sorry.”
At about 7:oo that night I noticed a little pain in my throat that wouldn’t go away when I drank water. Kinda like that pain that comes when you cry a lot, you know? Not that I ever cry. Anyway, I thought “Self, the last time you had a pain like this, it got worse and worse and spread all over your body until you went to the hospital.” To which I replied “Nonsense, it’s just that cold coming back a little bit now that it’s night time. You just shut up. I hate you. You’re ugly.”
Sorry.. Self confidence issues.
Well, by 9:30 it was hurting in my jaw, chest, and arms. And quite a lot. “Now you’ve done it,” I said. “Now you’re going to have to call the mission mom and bother her.” So I did. She was woried that I was having some kind of allergic reaction and my lungs and throat might close up. But I told her about the last time it had happened, about 6 years ago. She made some calls to the mission doctor and to my mom, which culminated in her calling me back and saying “Why don’t you go to the hospital and have them diagnose it.” So my companion and I went to the hospital, where people speak a great form of medical english.
They were just as stumped as the american doctors the first time, so they stuck me full of some kind of liquid and made me lie down on a bed. They left the needle and tube thing in my arm for easy access, which made me feel really important. Like at any moment somebody would say “Hook him up to an iv, quick, we got to stabilize his system.”
But nobody did.
But a lady came over and put a blankie on me.
Anyway, the drugs worked fast and miraculously, but they made me stay until my blood tests got back. When the head doctor lady came over with the paper, she said “Look! Your blood is really quite beautiful!” Then gave me a paper that I didn’t understand at all. (not because it was chinese, but because it was in doctor.)
Anyway, the after effect was some pretty major exhaustion and a resurgance of the cold, with which I do mortal combat to this very hour.
So sunday I was very beat up feeling. Plus that was the day we totalled up our week’s numbers. And I lost my voice.
So it was a pretty low day. I thought to myself “Self, not to worry, it can’t get much worse.” Then my pants ripped. (really.)
But since then things have turned in the upwards direction quite a bit. We taught my first “First lesson” with me as senior companion. And it was to a great family. Then yesterday we taught another pretty great first discussion. Plus my companion has been really good to me. So I’m still here and still pretty okay.
I’m even managing to overcome doubts and fear. Which is great. I put a goku sticker on the back of my nametag, and surely that helps some.
I was on exchanges with a native Taiwanese person yesterday, as well. He said “I love Dragon Ball Festival.” Then looked around guiltily and said “I mean… Dragon Boat… festival… of course…” Funny to me. We then saw a big spotlight in the sky. He said, “Hey, a spotlight… Um… You stay here. I need to go do things that are neither caped, nor crusadey.”
We tracted into a lady and her 93 year old mother the other night. They let us in and we sat on the couch just in time to see the trailer for the newest star wars movie.
This would be one of those things.
I tried to avoid thinking about pits of lava, x-wings, storm troopers, a light saber wielding palpatine, and other things that I admit a liking of in my former years.
And yet, I gave in to the darkside of missionary work and watched television for a delicious 30 seconds.
Something I saw and heard recently.
My companion loves to talk to the old people. (so do I) Most of them only speak the taiwanese language, and no chinese, so all we can say is hello. So yesterday my companion said ‘ama! li ho!’ to an old lady. She came up to him, carefully read his nametag, then looked up at him and said “Mr. Collette, don’t speak chinese to me. I don’t understand a bit of it.”
Turns out she’s a 83 year old phillipino lady. She was living with another philipino lady who dissapeared a few days ago and hasn’t come back. Now she doesn’t really know what to do. Over 40 years ago she was a jazz singer on the american military base in taiwan. she said, “There was the C.O.’s and the Officers Club. We belonged to the Officers Club. Only the officers could listen to soul music.” Then she sang for us about love. Then she said, “One time a colonel pulled me into his office and said ‘lina, are there any black officers?’ ‘I don’t know, why don’t you ask General Collin?’ He was a black general, you see. Do you have a girlfriend?” My companion said “no.” I said “yes.” “Is she chinese?” she asked. “No she’s american.” Then she said that was good and that I should not date chinese girls.
Then she sang again and gave us advice on women. Then she told us about how she felt when her husband cheated on her. Then she talked about her own attitude towards having affairs. Then she sang again, then told us that she used to belong to the officers club. Her husband played the saxophone. Then “Don’t date the chinese girls. You can sleep around if you want, but don’t marry one.” Then “There was the C.O.’s and the Officers Club. We belonged to the officers club.”
I wish to begin by shouting incomprehensibly and slamming the pulpit a bit with my left shoe.
I get ticked off at stuff. Not as ticked off as some people I know. There used to be a deal. My friend would get pissed off, and I would let him tell me about it. Now the deal is off for a time. So I have to get disappointed in the mistaken concepts of mankind (in a dignified way) all on my own. So I am.
I’m mad at those who deny greatness. I am mad at those who talk about a ‘path’ or a ‘tao’ as neither a good thing or a bad thing. I am mad a those who turn excellence into mediocrity by saying there is no “Needs Improvement” on the scorecard. I hate the pushers of medium. I am fed up with good enough, and I don’t want to see shades of beige ever again. I disagree with decaffeinated sin and righteousness in title form.
One of the central doctrines I go around and hand to anybody with open hands and mind is that we came to earth as spirits to get bodies – and the bodies let us act. We are creatures (whether of sin or of celestial descent or of natural selection isn’t important to this rant) of action. We can not help but to act, even if that act is to sit in front of the television for 40 percent of our collective or individual lives.
Having acted we can, of ourselves or of outside standards, apply lines to life. To draw a grid on it and say “A4 to G17 are all the evil squares. If you put your battleship there, it is now an evil battleship.” I don’t care if you believe our standards aren’t from a loving omniscient God. Where they come from is unimportant. We simply need more people to say “This is superb. And this is spittle.” and then argue and agree with each other until a like-minded community is formed, which community can then be properly oppressed by the man.
Yesterday morning started off normal, except I lifted up a weight 3 times. On purpose. At about 8 am we got a buzz on the door. It was our landlord. He wanted us to help him move something. We said we could pop on down and help him at about 9. Which we did. He pointed to the pile of boxes on top of cabinetry and said “That all needs to go to the fifth floor.” So we did that. Lots of stair climbing. Then a cabinet needed moving. Then a refrigerator. Then several cabinets needed to be lifted on to other cabinets and a third set of cabinets moved into the place of the second.
By this time we had to leave in order to prepare for the day and make it to our appointment on time. Which we did, but he asked us to come back and move just ‘one more thing.’
The morning appointment stood us up, which was okay cause we hadn’t had any study time in the morning on account of moving stuff. So we made a few calls, then studied. The sisters showed up after a while and mentioned that there is in fact mail for everybody, but they left it at home.
Then we were off to the rural part of the area – off on the west coast. It was a 45 minute bus ride, on which I didn’t get sick, but as soon as I stepped off the bus I did. Then we found the 2 bikes we had stashed in that area, but found that one had a flat. Went to get it fixed while I tried to fight off heat stroke in the blazing tropical sunlight.
Then off to visit less active members on the coast. We had 5 we meant to visit, and we found all 5 of them at home on a weekday afternoon. It was amazing. During the process, which took the rest of the day and night…
We found the most inactive of them pulling into his garage right as we pulled up . He was very nice to us once he realized he was caught.
Then, on the hour ride to the next part of the coast, I heard something flicked up into my gears, get ground around a bit, then kicked up and lodged between the tire and rain guard. The tire started hissing in rhythym. psss psss psss psss pss psss psss. We stopped and watched the tire go flat. We were then 7 kilometers away from our destination. The exact 1/2 way mark between towns.
Luckily a passing motorist was nice enough to pick us up, and our bikes, and deliver us to the next member’s home on a pig farm.
I sat in the back fanning myself with a brown envelope I had bought for mailing things to a girl. It was hot. I was tired.
Then we got to look around the pig farm and chat with the boss, who is a longtime member. It was cool. He showed us what he fed them – it was hundreds of bags of cookies. All the broken or ugly cookies from the cookie factory get put into big bags and sold in bulk for really cheap.
“These ones are great!” He said, pulling out a cookie half and eating it. “Here! Try one!” he gestured to the open bag.
I’ve eaten bulk cookie rejects before, but they hadn’t been purchased by a pig farmer for the purpose of feeding pigs. Because anything purchased by pig farmers for pigs to eat is officially pig food.
I saw that the bag said that this pig food expires in 2006.
I have now eaten pig food.
They fixed my bike for me and fed us dinner. Mostly sea food. Also some pork. It was all good. Then we left.
It was at this point I noticed my wallet was missing. But nothing I could do about it. It probably ended up in the truck of the guy who gave us the ride. I hope to get it back someday.
On the ride back to the bike storage area, we rode with our heads down because if you looked up you got eyes, nose, and mouth full of bugs. I heard them ticking off my helmet like raindrops.
A few miles later a bat crashed into my helmet.
Then just as we arrived at the area, my bike developed a wobble and I heard it go PING! a couple of times. But nothing happened more than that.
Then it was off with a member of the bishopric to do a visit, and he bought me a snickers.
All in all a fun day.
We played a game of duck duck goose with some kids the other day. They had never played it before they met the missionaries. The youngest walked around the circle, touching each persons head “duck… duck… duck… duch (he speaks german)… duck… ” then he stopped before touching a girl, backed up about 20 feet, then ran forward screaming. “WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhH! GOOSE!” then slapped her on the head, and continued his sprint around the circle. She only had time to stand up before he was back to the safe spot.
The next time it was his turn he did the same thing, but we had him pretty well figured out by then and the targeted person would start getting up before getting tagged.
I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but earthquakes are really great at humbling a person when he or she lives in a cement home. We had a couple little shakers in the past. Every time it seems kinda fun for a second, till you realize that many tons of concrete and steel are between you and the clouds. Then, if it shakes enough to move things on the shelves, you get really really nervous. All pride leaves the room and you realize that it’s down to you and any omnipotent beings in the vicinity. And you remember that you are only semipotent. Fate laughs as you look at your hand and realize you’ve been bluffing the ENTIRE GAME.
The work goes okay. Once again we’ve pretty much lost all of our investigators except for the ones that make us feel happy. One of them includes a drug addict whose father pulled us over on sunday to ask for our help. I told him to pray. He didn’t sound to excited, but he’s so concerned about his son he’s willing to try anything – even going to missionaries of an accursed christian belief system.
I had the opportunity last week to do a baptismal interview with a deaf man. Now, I’ve never been able to use ASL, much less chinese sign language, so I was a little nervous. But we just got a translator to sit in on the interview and translate for me. It was fun. I learned a lot in the process, so now I know how to say a few words with CSL.
There is one set of sister missionaries in our area. They are amazing. Sister Hong and sister Lai. They also, coincidentally, both speak chinese sign language pretty well. Not a common skill, and not one that anybody knew either of them had until they started working together. Then suddenly the missionaries started running into deaf people all the time. And, what do you know, there’s a couple of missionaries who can talk to them. We all see it as a small miracle here in zhong li. Now every tuesday night is sign language class for anybody who wants to come and most members of the ward (including us americans) have picked up the basics. (like ‘no, yes, thanks, hello, you are handsome, I am cool,’ etc.)
I am only slightly nervous about training. The only thing I’m worried about is that I’ll get somebody as full of pride as I was when I just came on island.
I think that can be avoided by frequent midnight beatings.
There have been a couple of items of interest and/or note that I neglected to mention in previous weeks. Neither are happy, but I find them interesting like sad things often are…
There’s a 45 year old man who got baptized a few weeks back. He’s really great. He loves the outdoors, and loves the gospel, and just loves life. He’s always smiling. He spent a few years as a monk somewhere in the asian jungles ending about 4 years ago. He related a story about why he’s not married or dating. One day they took him and put him in a room with the corpse of some woman, long mummified. They said, “You can’t leave this room until your spirit is broken.” After about 3 days he started crying. The head monk came in and said “Every time you have a lustful thought towards a woman, you remember this.”
People are strange. I have absolutely no ability to relate to that experience.
I met a sister hsu here about 10 months ago. She’s a great young missionary who I really respect and admire. She was converted through the teaching of a lady whose husband I baptized a few months ago. So we’ve all been happy to see a bit of connection between us.
A month or so ago she fell down and hit her head pretty hard, but didn’t want to complain or anything, so she just kept working even though she had a headache for a few days.
At zone conference a couple weeks ago we were all singing when she fell to the floor and started having seizures.
Last week I saw her again, as they pulled up in a van with her luggage and bicycle. She stepped out of the van and smiled at me. I said hello and asked how she was doing, how was the work. Then she said pretty good and collapsed. I helped carry her upstairs where she waited to be sent home to see the doctors.
She said there’s no better work than this. She doesn’t want to go.
She insisted she would be just fine, and they had tried letting her work on a limited basis after getting approval from some doctors, But nobody knows what’s wrong. And the seizures are more and more frequent.
Well, There’s my two not uplifting stories. But they’ve stuck in me and add in some way to the conglomerate self. I think that hearing or seeing things like this help you define yourself a little bit more. Because you can’t hear something like this and not in some way decide your own point of view about it. I am amazed at how varied the answers could be to questions like “Why would God let His missionaries get hurt like that?” and “Is it a positive change that happens in a person after being locked in a room like that?” The circumstance is fact. The response is what is interesting. And is what divides and defines us.
Anyway, I am done with that.
I haven’t much to say that is funny or of interest. I remain in Zhong Li to contemplate all things and also do missionary work occasionally as weather permits.
I found meself a buddhist god last night. I put him in my bike basket and rode around with him. He has long nose and ear hairs. I like to pretend he’s a leprechaun.
Hmm… where should I go tonight to tract?
“Ye’ll be goin’ to center mountain road, or I’ll be givin’ ye a pop on the nose!”
No… I think I’ll just tract here.
Then he probably gives me a buddhist curse where all my lucky charms turn into bad karma charms. Or tries to trick me into drinking a potion.
I gave him to my companion. He’s pumped. I kinda regret it just a bit.
But only a little.
People have finally started giving me a hard time about being “old” on the mission. Luckily, nobody gives me any problems about actually being old. Monday a few Elders from the group before me, who I knew in the MTC, gave their farewell testimonies. because they aren’t extending to the full 2 year mark so they can be home for christmas. It’s weird. I swear they just got here. And so did I.
The work goes pretty great lately. We’ve had a lot of success finding. I hope that we’ll see some people make it from being found and willing to hear about the church to actually asking if it’s all it claims to be.
A couple of exciting events for me: A nice young deaf man who I contacted a couple weeks ago just got baptized. And a lady who rode up to me and wanted to more is getting baptized in a week. She even asked if she had to be baptized before she’s allowed to be a missionary.
Then elder Money and Cooper were having dinner last night when they struck up a conversation with the fellow next to them. He, as it turns out, has been to church in another city many times and is hoping to be baptized as soon as possible. So they set a date with him right there. He’ll be baptized next week.
These things make me happy.
A third deaf guy got baptized last week, and we got permission to get a Mr. Gao baptized this week even though he can’t go to church very often. So that’s good.
Last week was characterized by burn out for me. I had a hard time wanting to do much of anything. I don’t know why. But I seem to be doing better this week.
I’m fresh out of soap boxes.
And it’s too bad. Because I really feel like just ranting. But I find myself relatively satisfied with life right now.
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2017, Basilan Island, South China Sea
The Kestrel, a commmercial oil tanker navigating through a trade route in the South China Sea has been taken over by a Phillipino-based terrorist group, taking in hostage 30 crewmembers on board.
This armed group of terrorists has a strong foothold in the island of Basilan and has already started hiding hostages there into coastal villages and into the jungle in order to complicate any rescue operation.
We are able to track the hostages thanks to emergency GPS trackers they conceiled, we know they are located in 4 distinct areas, including the ship.
The british amphibious assault ship HMS Ocean is en route towards the tanker, a group of SBS operatives (Special Boat Service) will be tasked with seizing the ship and recovering the hostages in the mainland, in the heard of enemy controlled territory.
  • Secure the ship
  • Capture surrending terrorists for trial
  • Check for any bomb on board
  • Rescue hostages inland
  • Lynx Attack Helicopter (armed with Miniguns, Rocket pods): up to 2 crew & 8 passengers
  • Merlin Helicopter (2 side GPMG & 1 rear GPMG): up to 5 crew & 18 passengers
  • Chinook Helicopter (2 side miniguns): up to 4 crew & 20 passengers


Use this in your slotting comment:
IGN: SLOT: Alpha AT 
CO, squad leaders and pilots should join the teamspeak 20 minutes before the event starts for planning the mission.
No Medics in this operation, everyone will have the ability to administer epinephrine, but for the challenge epinephrines will be in very limited quantity so do not die!
If this is your first time in PA, do not apply for a leadership or pilot role, these are reserved for players who have familiarized with PA events.


This list is not guaranteed to be up to date! Do a quick look through the comments to make sure your slot hasn't already been claimed.
Callsign/ Role IGN Equipment
CO Citizen
PLT Medic siifr
Chalk 1 Pilot Abecor
Chalk 2 Pilot Bear Duck
ALPHA Leader Niko
Grenadier Phoenix
Breacher Berntsen
Rifle AT Poudjik
Rifle David
MG Lucide
BRAVO Leader Cuddle Buns
Grenadier Roebuck
Breacher Hollowleg
Rifle AT Nate
Rifle sean
MG luis torres
Breacher chris
Rifle AT TeeJay
Rifle bearmode
DELTA Leader ThatGuy
Grenadier sylong
Breacher j0nas
Rifle AT floppy diego
Rifle Flazer
MG asyaa
Sniper (recon element) L0cke
Observer Hamster
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2017.03.12 08:16 Scriptmeup Go nuts. Message me for details, or just do your own interpretation. *warning, may be upsetty spaghetti*

Journal, even though I rarely do them (like in my own time not school) Saturday, March 11, (up to date year(actually was 2017)) 9:10-9:30pm
What has been written is true, some facts are closely as remembered.
On the train home tonight, I experienced something I've never experienced before, I was bullied. And not like bullied by one person, oh no. This bullying was at the number of 6 friends, you know... the absolutely CLASSIC Hollywood gag where in some quirky teen movie, where the new kid shows up and is made fun of because he; looks out of place or slipped and fell in jello? They are totally fake right? Right??!! ...Like honest to God, I'm not lying that I believed that was the biggest garbage, a make believe scene of the worst possible situation for a teenaged student. But, BUT! Tonight I experienced it first hand. And strongly after my emotional trauma, I decided to write down the events of tonight, in order to take my emotions that are so hurt by them and shove it down their throats! Point being I don't want to kill, I'd rather write. Also I want this to be a movie. So hence certain context as to why I think it would be good (cause I can't write a script yet)
This takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. And the date above. This was on the sky train® and the Canada line. I was travelling home from waterfront as my friends were going to the bars, it was daylights saving time(so we were losing an hour), I had lost my voice, and I had work at 8:30 in the morning. So I go to waterfront station, where I get on the next train to get to my station at king Edward, so that means I had stops (in sequential order: Vancouver City Center, Yaletown-Roundhouse, Olympic Village, Broadway City-hall, and finally King Edward) I'm in the bike area listening to my music (which I had put on the Walk Like A Badass playlist on Spotify) and I'm a little high :) but upcoming to the Vancouver city Center, seeing that it is just past 9:30 and people are wanting to get home, I considerably move myself into the middle of the train with my bike in order for people to use the rail, just a polite curtesy to others. Well people flood in, not that the train is full, but it's full enough that everyone has a comfortable space to move around if need be. Well here's the great part, 6 wonderful kids, younger than myself at least by a few years, they're probably finishing high school or just starting university (I'm 25 (jk that's a lie, I'm not telling you my real age (but it's close ;) haha) anyways...) there was one guy, possibly gay or just the boyfriend, cause the rest were girls. Now because they hardly moved and I only saw a few of them clearly for a split second at times before they looked back and made fun of me, I will remember them from left to right. The first two were part of their group (I think, but I'm not 100% sure because they really didn't make fun of me, or as I could see... BUT THEY WERE THERE) anyways, first it was the dude, he was like Korean, and he stood alongside the white chick next to him in the lane that I allowed people to use by moving my bike. He was chill, and the blonde white chick was ok too. But then the next girl beside here, she was short and Asian too, phillipino maybe. But she was part of the other three girls who were making fun of me for the rest of the train ride. Next to her was this brunette, barely saw her, but at one point she looked at me with a double chin. The next two wonderful ladies fucked with me. One was this kind of cute (like bitchy 3 year old sister cute?) probably because she is a redhead. But she and the Korean Asian chick beside her in her skanky dress kept making fun of me for simply jamming, tapping and rocking to the playlist that I'm listening to on almost full volume. At first, they kind of chuckled and giggled a little bit. Me being high assume that's the reason (I'm sure my eyes were red) but I get that slight nervous feeling as I would in public baked as a crisp apple pie... (I think I'm hungry, like right at this exact moment writing this down, I'm hungry af)... but I'm also not from a huge city like Vancouver. Anyways, the story continues to go that I get into the jams of some of these songs like highway by bleeker, and tapping my index fingers on both bike brakes, bobbing my head a little bit, not too much that it's too noticeable, and tapping my foot to the songs amazing bass. For three songs (approx. 11 minutes) I tried as hard as I could to ignore the laughing, the hilarity and douchebagness of those four girls. I wasn't intending to entertain them nor was I intending to lose my mood. But damn was that hard, I held back tears and I can see the girls in my peripheral vision, laughing at me, mocking me mouth the lyrics or just my tapping and dancing. Other people watched but I just felt frozen, yet determined to keep doing what I was doing. God it hurt, listening to Jerk it out -Original Mix-Caesars, the pretenders - foo fighters, and after the train ride, spread your love - black rebel motorcycle club.
I have never felt a pain so terrifying, So hurtful, so filled with rage and pain, my chest ached, I was panicking, desperately trying to avoid eye contact with these kids, yet they keep bugging me. I know what they're doing, I can clearly see them as they're three feet in front of me. I was struggling to hold back tears (which I did up until I got off and the train left). It sucked. It really did, and I'm how much older?!? (Idk). I didn't think it was possible but there I felt it. The most embarrassing, belittling, and hurtful emotional abuse I've experienced in my life. And in public. As I was getting off at my station, I intentionally was readying my bike, whether these kids could catch a clue or not they obviously were ignoring mine, but I asked "excuse me". They moved and one girl said, "have a good night" and just before I leave I say as sternly as I can, "have a goodnight". I don't know if the laughing stopped, but the feeling didn't leave. I was crushed.
So anyways there's that. Write a script for it, I'd love to see you write out your ideas to make it more like a film! I wrote it down, would love to see whatcha got!
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2016.09.12 05:00 the0clean0slate How to slack off, make money, and fuck over whitey, all at once! [repost for the user who doesn't want to get doxxed]

A while back lurkerfromcanada [+63] mentioned he'd like to see a post about how I've managed to travel so much and live so independently, etc (a lot of my posts have been about reactions I've encountered while traveling). So, FWIW, here's how I've managed to do so. I actually work a corporate job, occasionally dabble in side projects, yet I still have the free time to travel whenever I want and regularly take 2 hour lunches, mid day gym breaks, etc etc. This is just my two cents, for those of you who have greater ambitions or are naturally entrepreneurial, more power to ya, this is just shit that works for a slacker like me.
1) Learn how to slack off in a corporate job by taking on some important work in your company that no one else seems to want to do. I spend about 4 hours a day at work browsing reddit, or the NYTimes, or reading a novel at my desk, while making $200k a year. Every company has some important piece of the puzzle that no one else seems to want to do; maybe it isn't very high profile, maybe even though it's not time consuming it requires too much math, maybe it involves maintaining old code, no matter what, if you leave, no one else can pick up that piece of work without at least 6 months of review. Take on that part of the project, and you have your company by the balls - you can then request to work remotely for a week due to "family issues", where "family issues" means you go to Morocco and hang out in the medina for a week, or take a train from Paris to Munich stopping in small villages along the way (both of which I have done). Even after all that, my company still counter offered me a 15% raise when I left that job - simply because I was the only one who understood this one, obscure but incredibly important part of the project I worked on.
2) Become a bridge with Asia. In my day job, I manage the outsourcing of electronic design work to China. Being bilingual helps immensely with this. And I'm helping make sure whities are unemployed in the process. One of my friends is an Indian American dude who's a manager of an H1B farm contracting company for software devs. He makes a shitload, and gets to give whitie's jobs to his compatriots from India. Do God's work; make a white man unemployed; and make yourself rich in the process. Even better is when I'm bored at work, and I LinkedIn stalk white dudes who lost their jobs because of the outsourcing outfit I work for. Many of them are WMAF and still whining about how asians are unqualified and shit workers; fuckin' hilarious how their kids are gonna be hittin' up the /hapas sub any day now!
3) Pretend to be really friendly to older whities, Get older whities to be your "mentor", early on in your career. As an older millenial, I find a lot of white dudes in this millenial generation are very arrogant and self important, and as a result, older white dudes find them to be disrespectful. Due to their status in the American racial hierarchy, white men are fundamentally insecure (nothing makes a man more insecure than having status, because then he fears losing that status, and therefore becomes insecure). Exploit this insecurity. When you're having beers with a more senior white co-worker who can help you in your career, or you meet a more senior white dude at a networking event, mention something about how that whitey's so good with women, ask him for tips on picking up women. NOTHING flatters the white male ego more than being thought of as a "player" or a "slayer" (I believe this is due to some deep seated sexual insecurities that they have) - by doing this you've just turned yourself from a junior employee, into a confidante of sorts. Prepare for that WM to regale you with stories about how much of a player he was back in the day - and to suddenly become more supportive of your career. As racist as WM are, they'd rather promote an AM who thinks he's a "player" than some too cocky young white millenial. Early in your career, use these "mentor" WM to advance quickly in your field, get assigned to cutting edge projects, get access to the latest training - then, once you've learned a shitload of the latest stuff, turn around and leverage your new skills / experience into a higher paying job at a competitor.
4) Undermine the douchy WM around you. You may smile at them, act somewhat sycophantically, but in your heart, know that you should destroy them with no hesitation. They are the ones who have used Hollywood to make the whole world hate you. They felt no mercy when they mocked and denigrated us; there is no reason we should feel mercy towards them. When I was in college, when I hear about a WM party, and I knew there would only be WM there or when I was sure no AM would be there, I would call the cops on them (from a pay phone -- those still existed back then, these days I would use a burner phone, of course!). Some of the AM on campus thought I was a chan for being around WM all the time, but they have no idea how many WM had their lives fucked up because I called the cops on their parties (ironically, I sold drugs to those very same WM - the very same drugs they later got busted with). As a college kid, hell in senior year of HS, I started reading and figuring out how much white / American society had fucked us. So even back then, I committed myself to revenge. Hell, even in HS, there was this one white dude who was a real dick to me. He was on the football team and was dating an AF and was a huge dick to me and the other AM in school (so basically, he was your typical causal liberal racist who hid it semi-decently, whassup small penis chang hey just a joke brah why you take it so seriously). One day, after school, after I had stayed late for Science Olympiad (yeah I was a huge nerd, fuck you, I make good money fuckin over whitie while barely workin now and enjoy beautiful women and exotic vacations whenever I want), I slipped a bunch of print outs of photos of Hitler into this white dude's locker, along with some printed out neo-Nazi propaganda for good measure. The next day, when he opened his locker, all of this neo-Nazi shit fell out, and of course all of the other kids saw it. Next thing you know, word spreads around the HS, he's out of the "popular" circle, his AF girl dumps him, he sits by himself at lunch. He ended up not going to college and spent his life more or less an unemployed loser (it's hard to handle any sort of difficulty when your life's been so charmed). Funny enough, he is now in late 20s and spends all his time on facebook whining about minorities. Bonus, I later hooked up with his ex.
As an AM, you don't know empowerment until you've been the cause of a douchey shitbag WM's downfall. I felt so fucking powerful and baller after what happened to that dumb fuck - now when I see some WM acting cocky and entitled towards me or other AM, I no longer think "poor me, I'm an AM, who's at a disadvantage compared to WM." Now, I just think, I would love to destroy you you dumb fuck, because even though you have every fuckin privilege and advantage in this country, the slightest setback and some mentally weak white piece of shit like you would completely fall apart. Then I start thinking about how I would do that.
Some of you may think this last bit of advice is shady and underhanded. Well, the white man has been shady and underhanded for hundreds of years. He divided and manipulated India in underhanded ways. He forced his opium on China in underhanded ways. He napalmed the shit out of Vietnam and massacred the Phillipinos in underhanded way. And after all that, he's willing to undermine us further with Hollywood, with his media, by making us look pathetic at every opportunity. So fuck it. This is the game he started, and we'll answer back the exact same way. Our very anger justifies our behavior; if the WM had been even remotely decent to us, we would not be interested in hurting him. I was not a cruel or manipulative person as a child; the fact that thoughts of undermining WM even cross my head, is proof that the WM has done a lot wrong and deserves what we dish to him.
Exploit your status as the model minority. If you want to deal drugs, there's a very small chance you'll get caught, because you're the model minority. If you undercut a WM (or Anna Lu) co-worker, nobody will suspect the quiet Asian guy who's so fucking diligent. Shit, back when I was dealing, I had something called "FOB mode". If I thought cops might be busting the party I was at, I would immediately mess up my hair so that it looked like a shitty FOB bowl cut, put on some glasses I always kept in my jacket pocket, and start speaking with a bit of an accent. Nobody's gonna search the confused FOB nerd for drugs. Think of ways the model minority bullshit lets you get away with doing whatever the fuck you want; AND THEN GO DO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT. Be all smiles and model minority with WM, and then turn around and work on DESTROYING them.
Worse comes to worse, if you think shit is not going well for you professionally, and you need to buy some time, goad some white higher up at work to say something vaguely racist about Asians. That should be easy, given how racist those fuckers are anyways. Then, lodge a complaint with HR. Boom! You aren't going to get fired for another couple months (no one wants to run the risk of some racial lawsuit and it won't look like "just cause" if you're fired right after an HR diversity complaint), Whitey McManager gets sent to some diversity training, and you have a few months to plan your next career move. I've never had to do this, but one of my homies did - everyone tip-toed around him after that. Obviously, this should only be done at a company you don't care to work for again.
Don't be so defeatist / negative! I go through this sub, and all the time, I see "boo hoo I'm Asian I'm at a disadvantage." Well, fuck, are you doing anything about it, by either improving yourself or trying to fuck over some WM (we need people to light the candle at both ends), or are you just crying about it? And there's really no benefit in calling other Asian men cucks. If you want to go around calling other Asian dudes cucks, then let me ask you a simple question: have YOU, personally, done something to fuck over a WM in the past week? Shit, I ask myself that question once a week, and my answer is almost always "yes" (if it's no, then I feel pretty shitty and know I need to work harder the next week). Stop being all "boo hoo I'm Asian I'm at a disadvantage". Start being "I'm Asian, which means this racist society has given me the resiliency and fucked up perspective I need to start fighting back!"
Aside from that, a lot of the shit your Asian parents told you actually hold true: save, invest, etc etc.
I know not all of you will agree with the way I've lived my life, but I figure some of you will agree or found some useful kernel of info in what I've written above. And it's totally fine that there are AM with different approaches: we need some AM to be more goody two shoes, some to take more fucked up approaches. I will admit I'm curious what will happen... if, say, 10% of AM in this country start thinking the way I do about this shit, and doing the sort of things that I do. It would certainly be interesting, that's for sure!
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2016.01.14 03:49 fullasian My viewpoint on this crisis as an asian guy.

My background: Australian born Chinese male(100%). I've read pretty much of all of eurasian tigers posts and blog and I pretty much agree with what he says. Here's what I think in a whole bunch of fragmented thoughts: Seeing how ‘white’ Caucasian males have dominated the world economically in the last 400 years, asian women have decided to marry into whiteness for an easy life even if it meant discarding culture.
Why don’t the other minority ethnic women such as black, and middle eastern women marry into whiteness? I’m not too sure on that but I’d guess they were taught about their own culture, history religion etc from a young age. East Asian parents do not instill pride whatsoever into their children and are hellbent on forcing their children to achieve financial success regardless of the cost and its toll on their mental wellbeing. This is why East Asians have one of the highest rates of suicide in the world. See here: (namely south Korea and Japan, for an OECD it is exceptionally high)
Now what do Asian girls(born/raised in western countries) grow up experiencing? From the constant abuse from shitty tiger parents and solace they get from horny white guys, it is not hard to see why Asian females specifically welcome white male attention. Asian females are torn between sadness at home and social pleasure at school from white guys, so they face a dichotomous lifestyle and identity – to marry ‘up’ in a socio-economic and ‘racial sense’ or to work hard for themselves while enduring. It seems like they have chosen the easier way out of escaping their mediocre lives but of course not without consequences hence /mixedrace.
A morally sound woman should at least feel a sense of racial solidarity and sense to protect own culture, because it is naturally biological phenomenon to feel protective of own tribe/people but large masses of Asian women don’t care because they are sick and tired of working hard and have decided ‘enough is enough’ - No asians. Of course seeing how the current state of China is in, will lead to the idea all Asians must be inferior. China is already going to overtake the U.S as the world most powerful economy by the end of this century. In less than 10-15 years South Korea will overtake France as an economy. Just goes to show you hard work, good attitude and morally respectful people can bring prosperity not the fucking white genes. Look at the fucking sleaze that is present in western society. If Japan could achieve what it could today with hard work, so can South Korea and China too.
The ones who marry white do so because they have done it for themselves for greedy racist agendas whether it be for financial reasons or sexual reasons with no regard for their children whatsoever and have never considered the implications of mixed race and thus makes them unfit to raise biracial children. Asian females have never experienced racial abuse to the extent of what Asian men had to go through and but still ignorantly proceeded to marry white guys because they think Asians are inferior. These interracial couples then proceed to stomp on all their childrens’ faces saying everything is fine, when clearly it is not. These women hope that half Asian males face no problem when in fact they do and it is clearly so obvious. Why is that white guy nice to you? Because he wants to get in your pants and that’s about it.
If a woman chooses to marry a man for financial reasons for gold digging purposes it is understandable albeit shallow. However if it is based on sexual ability that will start to ring some bells because she has made it clear the racial component is important too. If that is the case then that will bring about racism because the children are never full white, and this is why we all say ‘abort hapa sons’. There will be a time when Eurasian boys discover all this cruel shit and the opportunities denied to him because of his race. All women do not distinguish between full Asian and half when it comes to relationships. Asian women who prefer to date white guys also do not want to date half Asian men, for racial reasons, and that is enough reason to cause insane berserk rage because it is racially insulting and hits the the very core of their self worth. Thus the ‘sexy sons hypothesis’ does not hold up at all. Asian women go around creating half Asian sons that simply have little sexual market value.
The reason I’m writing all this because there’s a lot of Eurasians in Australia and I’ve always wondered why mixed race children go berserk. The Eurasian guys here who look Asian are accepted by Asians, but there are ones who make only white friends are white supremacists who never talk to their parents again. Most white guys don't even want to make friends with eurasians. I know this because a family friend whose mother was Chinese(Hong Kong) was wondering why her son has gone berserk. Funny thing is, he isn’t even half white, he’s half Chinese and half maori(new Zealand indigenous). The Eurasian guys who hang around Asians don’t have that much of a problem but they experience the humiliation and understand the reality of it. Eurasian females have it easy because females are not racially competitive and are able to nestle up with white guys or Asian guys if they want to. Eurasian males are simply treated like Asian males and learn of the racial hierarchy of white supremacists leaving them with little recourse and a life with full of disadvantages. What does the Asian mother say? Fuck off Asian boys. That is simply just it > Elliot Rodgers. I have never been to U.S, but here in Australia there is vibrant Asian community and it makes up 10% of the population. I have heard Asians are only 5-6% of U.S population and are scattered. The white anglo guys here have yellow fever like crazy due to the massive exposure to Asian women. Asian guys by far and large work much harder than whites so there is no reason to marry white guys because the Asian median income both in Australia and America is already higher than the white median. So its not about money anymore its about sex. When inter-racial couples prioritize their sex lives over everything else, the children become a byproduct of a racially charged thrill and that itself is a crime against humanity because the son is left alone to discover the reasons behind it all.
I must say there are a lot of awful shitty people on this planet having children who are unfit to be good parents and that is to teach their kids good values such as being racially tolerant and good human beings.
Of course I’d like to take a detour and talk about something that is relevant to this discussion. Feminists and in particular white feminists are a whole load of crock when they think they think their cause is morally righteous when they are 100x more racist then the average female. Why doesn’t feminism tackle racism and include it as part of their discussion? They completely dodge it. White feminists support white supremacy because they only believe white men are the only ones capable of being good human beings treating women with respect. I called myself a feminist for a long time and while I support progressive values and equal treatment of genders, I certainly need to call out the racist sexist bullshit because 90% of white women don’t ever consider any asianess dateable.
and see okcupid dating stats. Everybody can have their preferences, but in terms of discrimination against certain groups, most of them are based on what the white anglo media brainwashing. Ridiculous prejudices.
This is another excuse Asian feminists use under this guise. Then I ask whether it is the genes or culture? Complete denial, and dodges the question and proceeds that it will be ‘white’ no matter what. Asian feminists want white guys for trivial racist reasons, and white feminists are angry at Asian women with white guys. Google that stuff and you’ll find tons of discussion on it. At least there are some open minded white women with positive experiences with South korean men:
While there are patriarchal shitty older generation parents in Asian families that doesn’t mean it is even part of the culture, the exact same things could be found in older generation white families. All the negative stereotyping that Asians are evil and the terrible propaganda brainwashing Hollywood is producing is so cringeworthy. I find it unbelievable people buy into that shit.
Why do Asian females have no racial pride? Well they are constantly exposed to the media seeing how much fun(lazy and hedonistic) the caucasians are having, but the self hating girls want a part of it too.. They don’t even mind all the offences and continue to denigrate themselves in Hollywood movie roles. This is why it is so common to see one asian girl among a whole group of caucasian people. They need to be validated by white friends and lifestyle. You will never see this among any other race of women on this planet. These types of asian girls are also trying to get back at their mediocre parents. I found the sub /AsianParentStories/ to also be one of the major reasons why asian girls hate all things asian because of their shitty controlling mediocre parents and I know this because I had terrible parents.
Lesson to be learnt: Getting back at Asian parents or culture by being a rebel and dating outside your race to derive pleasure will not solve problems. You will solve them with rationality and good moral conscience.
If it isn’t obvious yet already, the divorce rate of AF/WM is the highest in the world, far exceeding white-white couples - so much for the,’ I have so much in common with white guys’. Looks like people haven’t been doing their homework and research. The majority of young anglo saxon Caucasian guys seem to be nice only because they want to get easy lays. I do not feel sorry for the Asian women who are tricked or sexually exploited because they consistently throw Asian men under the bus because if we speak out on this issue we are immediately shutdown as jealous losers. The only thing I regularly do is to send them to hapas or and that is about it. Then the women deny it and say it is all fake etc you must be a butthurt loser with small dick etc. To be born from one of the most horrific demographic tragedies in the modern era, is it no wonder /hapas exist because the worst Asian females pair up with the worst Caucasian males. I know that for sure, high quality Asian women would never come close to any Caucasian male.
The international inter-racial dating market has allowed bottom of the pile white guys with shitty Asian females to procreate, after all everyone wants to have children right? What a nice story to tell your children hey?
You should see the types of shit white guys would say about white females to get laid with Asian women. Shitty Asian women also hurl racial insults at Asian men to justify their preference.
People need to marry each other for good reasons that make long term relationships work but most people don’t as evidenced by rising divorce rates. Divorce rate even in China has skyrocketed from 5 % to 40% in many places. Marrying for sexual attractiveness doesn’t do much for long term relationships as we age quite quick. Much of the young dating scene in the western anglo world is about sexual alpha prowess and this is why western countries are falling behind because white guys and black guys are too busy comparing penis sizes and the east Asians are making all the money.
It appears asian american men are guilty of white worshipping too, as evidenced by marriage statistics. Asian Australian men are known for 'having zero' interest in dating outside their culture. The most hated group of males in the UK are white males
Seems like no one wants to be judged for their trivial preferences because they are shitty people who want to get away with it. Think of the women who want to hide their sexual history. My attack isn’t even on women, but people in general. There are lot of shitty guys who have no moral responsibility to provide for their families too and only want to give their children lives full of mediocrity.
Which ethnic group of Asian women prefer Caucasian men more? The non-Japanese ones. Why? Because Japan is an economic powerhouse. Asian women primarily marry for social and economic benefits and even though Japanese women are actually the most popular ones but they do not have any self hate of inferiority and if anything they feel superior. They are overwhelming happy, carefree, positive and fantasize about Caucasian men as a novelty but most but most actually don’t want to marry Caucasian because they have a lot to lose in regards to culture and happiness. See here for popularity of Asian women.
Most white men have also indulged in East asian pop culture, whether it be anime, kpop/kdramas/korean thriller movies or chinese/hong kong martial arts movies. These are the biggest reasons for their 'asian fetish' and I know a lot of white guys believe the future lies in East asia. Everything from technological progress(both South Korea and Japan have highest no. of tech patents per capita), to cleanliness of streets. Chinese women are seen as close alternatives and are substitutes for the more popular and harder to get SK/Japanese women. I wouldn't say south Asian women have high standards when it comes to white men, if anything they are pressured heavily by religion and their upbringing to keep their tradition alive. As for South-East Asian women they need white men moreso than East Asian women because they need them to escape poverty. Even so I've seen plenty of Indian women here dating white guys and indian guys here also put white and east asian women on a pedestal. People are doing it to 'get back' at women /men from their own race/culture. Vietnamese and phillipino men here are also fantasizing on obtaining white women as trophy wives and only do so because vietnamese women have the highest outmarriage rates. Even Australian born Chinese(cantonese) women who have parents from Hong Kong or Guangzhou date white guys because they have incredibly low self esteem. There are lots of cantonese women who couldn't even name a single asian celebrity nor know how to write in chinese or speak mandarin and that is why they have zero identity. I have heard south Korean women in america also marry out like crazy.
Now there is a huge difference between AF/WM back then compared to today’s ones. I will give the older generation ones some leniency for less criticism because understandably the Asian women wanted to escape poverty to secure a better life. Turns out they aren’t smart or educated enough to understand racial politics for their children. As for todays’ young AF/WM relationships who are residing in western countries there is absolutely no excuse to not know of the suffering of all Eurasian and Asian males in western countries.
Caucasian males with Asian females are one of the following. 1. ESL- English teacher > fucking sexpat loser, shitty genes autistic kids. 2. Anime nerd with East Asian fetish > weeaboo loser who went to Japan and gets rejected and now tours south korea then China, obsessed with sexual exploits 3. Single old divorced loser > if all else fails then South east asia. 4. White supremacist stormfronter and visits 4chan, red pill and underground racist forums + bitcoin guy (Worst loser of all)
Number 4. Guarantees Elliot Rodger.
Elliot Rodger was only the beginning because I believe his parents weren't exactly the worst and did not racially insult him.
AF/WM is so incredibly popular and I know these relationships aren’t based on love and decent people so at least 90% of them are racially motivated. As East asia continues to grow, Chinese and south Korean women are becoming increasingly resilient to the charm of the white man. Just goes to show how the economic standing of each country influences their taste in men.
The truth is, east Asian women are by far more popular for Caucasian men, so caucasian men travel there first and if things don’t work out they head to south asia. I am simply making this remark to show you the Asian fetish. Chinese girls are largely substitutes for Japanese and South korean women because they are easier to get and ultimately the requirement is to be ‘Asian’.
Vietnamese, phillipino, thai, Indonesian women are the ones that need white men the most and these women will make all sort of excuses that white men are more attractive. The AF/WM divorce rate is the highest in the world and doesn’t that say something? The poorer the Asian country the more likely she will make excuses saying that white men are more attractive etc.
Let’s get this straight. From my point of view, a sane ordinary woman should be looking for good traits in men in this order, namely: 1. Personality/Moral attitude/Chemistry 2. Income(debatable- to each their own I guess)/genetic quality(if planning to have kids) 3. Physical features (less priority than income because we all age quick) 4. Sexual attraction(interchangeable with 3.)
But unfortunately in reality women use this checklist instead: 1. Height 2. Race(race matters duh) 3. Income 4. Personality Which leads to TheRedPill/nasty crap.
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