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The 2ACW Military Staff Rework Proposal: The American Union State

2020.07.04 19:43 GeorgiaNinja94 The 2ACW Military Staff Rework Proposal: The American Union State

Happy 4th of July, everyone! Before we go any further, I would like to announce that I'll be linking previous "2ACW Military Staff Rework Proposal" posts at the bottom of each new post going forward.
Being from Georgia, the American Union State is my favorite Second Civil War faction, and I certainly hope my Military Staff suggestions do it justice. In particular, I hope that the Chief of the Air Force options live to the Union State having "the most sophisticated grasp of air warfare of the factions in the civil war" according to Minor Monday 32: American Armies.
Stick around after all options are presented for another idea for making playing as the AUS and the CSA a bit more... dangerous for figures who find themselves on the losing side of those factions' internal power struggles.
American Union State Chief of Staff Options
  1. [Fox Conner]( - School of Psychology; should be removed on his date of death, October 13, 1951
  2. [George Van Horn Moseley]( - School of Mass Combat
  3. [Hanford MacNider]( - School of Mass Combat
  4. [Virgil H. Effinger]( - School of Mass Combat; should only become available if William Dudley Pelley's assistance is accepted
  5. [Jacob L. Devers]( - School of Fire Support
  6. [Charles P. Summerall]( - School of Fire Support
  7. [Edwin P. Parker, Jr.]( - School of Fire Support
  8. [George S. Patton, Jr.]( - School of Maneuver
  9. [Walton H. Walker]( - School of Maneuver
  10. [James G. Harbord]( - School of Defense; should be removed on his date of death, August 20, 1947
  11. [Lytle Brown]( - School of Defense; should be removed on his date of death, May 3, 1951
  12. [John A. Lejeune]( - School of Commando Operations; should be removed on his date of death, November 20, 1942
  13. [Clifton B. Cates]( - School of Commando Operations
The event option for the American Union State's Chief of Staff should be:

American Union State Chief of the Army Options
  1. [Courtney H. Hodges]( - Doctrine of Autonomy
  2. [Troy H. Middleton]( - Doctrine of Autonomy
  3. [Henry I. Hodes]( - Guns and Butter Doctrine
  4. [J. Lawton Collins]( - Guns and Butter Doctrine
  5. [Charles P. Hall]( - Decisive Battle Doctrine
  6. [William H. Simpson]( - Decisive Battle Doctrine
  7. [Claudius M. Easley]( - Decisive Battle Doctrine
  8. [Bruce C. Clarke]( - Armored Spearhead Doctrine
  9. [John S. Wood]( - Armored Spearhead Doctrine
  10. [Pedro A. del Valle]( - Commando Doctrine
  11. [William O. Darby]( - Commando Doctrine
  12. [Graves B. Erskine]( - Commando Doctrine
  13. [Lewis B. Puller]( - Commando Doctrine
  14. [Robert E. Wood]( - Static Defense Doctrine
  15. [Lewis A. Pick]( - Elastic Defense Doctrine
  16. [Julian L. Schley]( - Elastic Defense Doctrine
The event options for the American Union State's Chief of the Army should be:

American Union State Chief of the Navy Options:
  1. [James O. Richardson]( - Power Projection Doctrine
  2. [Charles A. Pownall]( - Power Projection Doctrine
  3. [Willis A. Lee]( - Power Projection Doctrine; becomes available after completion of "New Admirals" focus; should be removed on his date of death, August 25, 1945
  4. [David W. Bagley]( - Open Seas Doctrine
  5. [Jerauld Wright]( - Open Seas Doctrine; becomes available after completion of "New Admirals" focus
  6. [Husband E. Kimmel]( - Decisive Battle Doctrine
  7. [Samuel M. Robinson]( - Decisive Battle Doctrine
  8. [John L. Hall, Jr.]( - Base Control Doctrine
  9. [John S. McCain, Sr.]( - Base Control Doctrine; becomes available after completion of "New Admirals" focus; should be removed on his date of death, September 6, 1945
  10. [Robert H. English]( - Indirect Approach Doctrine
The event options for the American Union State's Chief of the Navy should be:

American Union State Chief of the Air Force Options:
  1. [Frank M. Andrews]( - Carpet Bombing Doctrine
  2. [Haywood S. Hansell, Jr.]( - Carpet Bombing Doctrine
  3. [Curtis E. LeMay]( - Carpet Bombing Doctrine
  4. [Howard K. Ramey]( - Battlefield Support Doctrine
  5. [Nathan B. Forrest III]( - Battlefield Support Doctrine
  6. [Otto P. Weyland]( - Battlefield Support Doctrine
  7. [Charles A. Lindbergh]( - Air Superiority Doctrine
  8. [Claire L. Chennault]( - Air Superiority Doctrine
  9. [Frank O'Driscoll Hunter]( - Air Superiority Doctrine
  10. [John H. Towers]( - Naval Aviation Doctrine
  11. [John G. Crommelin]( - Naval Aviation Doctrine
  12. [Roy S. Geiger]( - Naval Aviation Doctrine; should be removed on his date of death, January 23, 1947
  13. [Matthew B. Ridgway]( - Vertical Envelopment Doctrine
  14. [William M. Miley]( - Vertical Envelopment Doctrine
The event options for the American Union State's Chief of the Air Force should be:

As I said at the beginning of this, I have another gameplay suggestion in mind for giving the AUS and the CSA a bit more flavor; I will go into more specific detail with the CSA in it's post.
It's quite clear from an observer's perspective that the American Union State's political situation rests on shaky ground. Huey Long and his followers, the Business Plot and it's cronies, and William Dudley Pelley and his band of psychopaths all have very different designs for America's future, with the three groups forced to work together during the Second Civil War to fight against their mutual enemies; assuming that the Union State comes out on top in the civil war, all bets are off in the aftermath.
However, the fallout from one of the factions securing power and ousting their competition is not satisfactorily represented in the mod. The only significant consequence for the losing factions is George Van Horn Moseley being removed as a Field Marshal and Chief of Staff in the aftermath of the Business Plot being exposed.
I believe that something that would put some more weight to the Union State's post-2ACW power struggles would be a "Purge" gameplay mechanic. Represented either as decisions or events in the mod, the "Purge" mechanic would involve "removing" a group of four Military Staff figures tied to one of the three factions - Longists, Plotters, and Pelleyists - as well as a manpower loss of around two thousand people each. The Military Staff and manpower loss would represent military personnel (ranging from general officers down to non-commissioned officers) most loyal to the factions, and would be accompanied by a debuff national spirit for a period of time - for example, one purge would be represented as "Diminished Officer Corps" with relatively light debuffs for military capabilities for a two-year period, a second would be "Depleted Officer Corps" with moderate debuffs for a three-year period, and in the unlikely event a third purge occurs, the national spirit would be "Devastated Officer Corps" with large debuffs for a four-year period. Each subsequent level would replace the previous level, with time already passed accounted for.
All of this, of course, assumes that Huey Long accepts help from both the Business Plot and the Silver Legion, or just one of them. The option to purge officers supporting either group is removed if their help isn't accepted. If Long doesn't accept any assistance, then there is no option to purge any group.
Here are the groups of Military Staff that can potentially be purged:
Purge the Longists (can be activated by the Business Plot and the Silver Legion)

Purge the Plotters (can be activated by Huey Long and the Silver Legion)

Purge the Pelleyists (can be activated by Huey Long and the Business Plot)

Here are the links for previous posts in this proposal series:
  1. [Preamble](
  2. [The United States of America](
Thank you for reading this proposal for the American Union State's Military Staff.
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2019.10.10 04:55 TheViperTooth Tips and Tricks for New and Old PMC's alike

Hey guys recently I've been seeing a bunch of new players coming into the community asking questions for some tips on how to get better or tricks to give some QOL improvements so I've decided to make a generalized list to help them out, this list isn't just for new players, hopefully for the more experienced PMC's you can learn something as well. Each category will be separated as to lessen what you might want to read and not completely overwhelm new players, the start of each section will focus on more beginner friendly tips while the end of some contain more obscure tips. Feel free to comment any tips or tricks I may have missed/messed up or forgot about down below to help the community out.

Map Knowledge and Movement:
Gear and Ammo:
Inventory management:
Quick Cash:

Note: All of this information is valid in patch .11

Thank you all for reading this,if i referred to you/your content in this post or if you have any critiques/questions or concerns please feel free to leave a comment down below or dm me, I'll try to keep this as up to date as i can. Thank you all so much for reading through this, hope this helps out some of you cheeki's out.
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2019.09.23 17:28 Mejbah411 Bitcoin, dogecoin. How I tried to make my fortune in 2014 with the sweat of my computer.

Bitcoin, dogecoin. How I tried to make my fortune in 2014 with the sweat of my computer.
Make money just by working on your computer: the rise of electronic currencies, in the wake of bitcoin, can be a little dream, especially in times of crisis. We tried the experiment. Wealth at your fingertips? Not for everybody.
Reading time: 6 min.
We have known at least since March 2013, with the soaring Bitcoin (BTC) price during the closing of Cypriot banks: electronic currencies, it has not much virtual. Since the creation of the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto serves as a safe haven, a playground for speculators, interests the States and even makes it possible to pay for his trip to the space where his beer, bigger world would dare to pretend that it only serves to buy prohibited substances on SilkRoad - if it ever was.
At the end of November, James Howells was mocked a lot, this Brit, caught in a household frenzy, inadvertently threw a hard disk containing 7,500 bitcoins, the equivalent of 4.8 million euros. A small fortune now lost in the depths of the Docksway dump near Newport. Nevertheless, before causing the consternation of the global Internet, Jamie still had the nose to undermine the BTC at a time when the experience mobilized a handful of hardcore geeks.
Since the rise (sawtooth) bitcoin, each unit currently weighs more than 800 dollars, nearly thirty cryptocurrencies have emerged. Is it possible, this year again, to let this promising, volatile and risky train pass, or to fall into
  1. Choose your electronic motto.
  2. All are based on the same principle: to summarize (very) big features [1], the issuance of money is governed by an algorithm, and the new corners put in circulation reward the resolution, by participants in a network of peer and mathematical problems, including the validation and archiving of transactions, which are public [2]. Mining a cryptocurrency is like putting the computing power of your computer in the service of the network.
  3. Since the program is decreasing [3], the mining becomes more and more difficult with time (and with the increase of the number of participants): to hope to make his pelote via the only computational activity, one must either have to at its disposal a large fleet of machines, to be a miner from the first hour. Exit the bitcoin, long since out of the reach of a personal computer.
  4. I similarly gave up the litecoin and peercoin, already well launched (they date respectively 2011 and 2012), to set my heart on one of the most recent currencies - and certainly the hippest of the moment: the dogecoin.
  5. As its name suggests, the cryptocurrency favorite Shiba Inus from around the world is a tribute to the Doge, one of the most famous memes of 2013, with its captions in Comic Sans, the font most sorry for the web. A geek joke, therefore, except that - the unfathomable mysteries of the Internet - its value jumped 900% in the third week of December, and she suffered a Christmas robbery online.
  6. Admittedly, at the time when these lines are written, the dogecoin caps at 0.00023 dollars [4] - its quite ridiculous (and quite depressing), but even if you bet on the future, so much to go frankly.
  7. 2. The hands in the engine the billboard.
  8. From there, things get tough (a little). Installing an electronic purse on ones computer is not very complicated (the software is available for Windows, MacOS, Android or, for the more adventurous, on a repository to compile under Linux). It is also possible to use an online wallet, but it is more risky (except, perhaps, when one is called James Howells). When opened for the first time, the purse automatically synchronizes with the Dogecoin network (be careful, it can be long), which gives you a payment address (we can generate more later).
  9. The two most common ways to undermine electronic money are to use the computing power of the computers microprocessor (CPU) or, more efficiently, that of the graphics card processor (GPU). In the first case, the program is simple to install; in the second, it is necessary to choose the most adapted to its material [5]. There are, thankfully, a lot of online tutorials. Still, to operate the corner board requires in all cases to trade the comfort of the GUI for aridity, so confusing to the layman, command lines - we have nothing for nothing.
  10. Finally, at work alone, we prefer collaboration. Mining is best done in groups, or rather in pool: it distributes the gains, of course, but also the difficulty. For the dogecoin as for all the crypto-currencies, the pools are numerous. A quick tour of a dedicated section of the Reddit community site can help you make your choice.
  11. 3. Extension of the field of struggle.
  12. And after? After, we can rest, since it is the machine that works. But the truth of a cryptocurrency - even at the exceptionally high LOL and LOL rates of the Shiba Inu - is cruel and brutal: not all computers are equal. Or rather, some are more equal than others. For while you heat your CPU or your graphics card to grapple some unfortunate corners, others will sweep the game thanks to specialized integrated circuits, computing capabilities much higher.
  13. If the game of buying and reselling corners is basically just another stock exchange mechanism, less the intervention of the central banks - what is at stake, and the big political question they ask: are we certain to prefer speculation pure and perfect to monetary policies, however questionable they may be? -, production, it is the law of the strongest (in calculation). There are even lethal weapons at $ 10,000 each, with which your processors are like mosquitoes in front of an A bomb.
  14. And if you think it does not matter because after all, it does not cost you anything, think again: the components, like humans, wear out faster when they work at full speed, and the bill of electricity can quickly grow. The profitability of the case is anything but certain, as evidenced by the results of online calculators. (Needless to say, our laughing dogecoin does not stand up to this kind of simulation.)
  15. Much more boring, from a collective point of view: the carbon footprint, current and above all expected, of electronic currencies worries more and more. Last spring, Bloomberg estimated that the energy consumption of the Bitcoin network was equivalent to that of 31,000 US households. Not sure, according to the site, that their emission is less damaging to the environment than have been some physical currencies.
  16. For exciting to analyze that is the emergence of cryptocurrencies, it is better to ask now about their cost, economic and ecological. To see it as a potential source of income, except for being a very early adopter with a hollow nose, an individual with a lot of computational capital or a clever trader, you have to make a point.
  17. If the recurrent comparison with the famous Ponzi pyramid [6] is discussed (after all, the decentralized currencies do not make promises), remains that, as long as the value does not collapse, the system benefits mainly to the first entrants - except James Howells.
  18. As the site aptly states: all this is just an experiment, invest only the time and money you can afford to lose. LOLs love was not a worse reason than another to experiment, so I finally submitted my laptop to four days and three nights of intense activity, which makes me happy. owner of a good half a thousand dogecoins. Either the equivalent of 0.115 dollar, or 0.08 euro. It is obviously not worth the electricity consumed to generate them, it increases my carbon footprint, but it amuses my entourage. But laughter is, as everyone knows, a safe bet in times of crisis, less volatile than a real bitcoin.
  19. And then, after all, you never know.
  20. Amaelle Guiton.
  21. 1. For explanations more provided (the case is quite complex), refer, for example, to the series of very detailed notes devoted to blogger Turblog.
  22. 2. And as such, searchable by everyone. It is the identity of the users that is not known, unless they reveal it, hence the reputation of anonymity (relative, therefore) cryptocurrencies.
  23. 3. In the case of bitcoin, the maximum of 21 million units should be reached around 2140.
  24. 4. For a day-to-day follow-up, see the CoinMarketCap site which lists the exchange rates of crypto-currencies, based on the dollar value of bitcoin.
  25. 5. We discover then, unfortunately, that some graphics cards do not allow the mining. This is the case for the author of these lines, reduced to working in conditions of extreme computer deprivation.
  26. 6. Comparison which is at the heart of a hilarious note on the ponzicoin, signed by the economic journalist Matthew OBrien, on The Atlantic (to read if you intend seriously to invest in the dogecoin).
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2017.05.17 18:33 Floyddit [Distributeur de sel épicé] Notre discord de merde, on en parle ?

Coucou ! On a tous remarqué que depuis l'election, la drama est à 0. Du coup j'en profite pour faire un peu de méta.
Bon on sait tous que le discord """officiel""" d'airfrance n'est pas un endroit formidable, y'a deux semaines l'équipe de modération locale m'y justifiait en long et en large un commentaire sur la profonde justice sociale de l'immolation de policiers. Bon on sait de longue date que c'est le repère des cocos du sub (salés à point ces temps-cis)
Hier soir, pendant qu'on discutait sur le discord d'/europe, ils ont débordé dessus: Les faits
Ça me concerne pas, mais perso j'ai pas trouvé ça formidable, pas de procédure super juste pour les bans, l'interpretation des règles à la cartes et les règles écrites à la volée pendant la justification, le coté club des copains. Le sel qui déborde sur d'autres serveurs.
Autant le sub /france est bien supérieur à celui de /europe sur l'aspect communauté, édrisseurs et compagnie. Autant le discord laisse à désirer, d'autant que sur celui de /europe on organise des games d'EU4, on se pelote en regardant l'eurovision et on poste de la pornographie outrancière dans le plus pur des abus et sans drame.
Quand pensez vous !?
Du coup dans la volée je viens de faire un discord alternatif, viendez, la jukebox est à fond avec la variété française de péli. Il a pas vocation à remplacer l'autre, juste de filer une alternative pour des débats un peu plus intéressants, de la pluralité, une atmosphère plus cool quoi.
La bise à tous.
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